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Learn About Using Airplay Mirroring Ion The Os X Mountain Lion
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AirPlay Mirroring is a new app from Apple that allows content from Macs and iOS devices to be available on Apple TV for large screen viewing. This feature comes integrated with the OS X Mountain Lion and is inspired from IOS devices. All you require for AirPlay Mirroring is a second or third generation Apple TV with minimum software update of v5.0 or higher. If you have a lower version of the software, you can update it to a higher one.

The second and third generation Intel Core processors support hardware video capabilities. OS X Mountain makes use of this function and has come up with AirPlay Mirroring. The feature offers high frame rates without hampering the system performance. If you have an iMac, Mac Mini or MacBook Air purchased in mid 2011 or later, you can get AirPlay Mirroring on it. MacBook Pro users from 2011 or later can also get it on their systems.

Apart from Apple TV and Mac, you will need an internet connection over Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection specified at 802.11 b/g/n. Your Apple TV should be connected to the same network as the system over Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

How to turn AirPlay Mirroring on and off?

On Mac supporting AirPlay Mirroring, an additional menu appears on the top menu bar when the internet connection detects an Apple TV in its network. You can turn it on by choosing Apple TV from the options on the AirPlay Mirroring menu. The AirPlay Mirroring icon turns blue when it is enabled.

Alternatively, you can also turn on AirPlay Mirroring from the System Preferences → Displays. However, if AirPlay Mirroring is not displayed in the System Preferences, it means that your Mac does not support AirPlay Mirroring.

For turning the AirPlay Mirroring off, you will need to proceed the same way to the menu icon and hit ‘Turn Off AirPlay Mirroring’ or from the Display Preferences. Besides, you may also tap the Menu button on the Apple TV remote to terminate the ongoing AirPlay Mirroring session.

How to Optimize image quality?

Resolution matching modes

There are a couple of desktop resolution modes that offers you a choice to get the best image. With the AirPlay Mirroring session in progress, you can choose the ‘Match Desktop Size’ option from its dedicated menu.

Match desktop size to: Apple TV

This option lets you change the desktop resolution to be at par with the Apple TV, producing an image of 16:9 aspect ratio that fits the high definition TV display. This is the sharpest image that can be viewed.

Match desktop size To: This Mac

This setting resized the image on the Mac to match that on the Apple TV. The Mac’s resolution remains unaltered. This setting too gives the sharpest image to be viewed on the Mac. Whether the produced image will fit the TV screen however depends on your Mac’s model.

Reducing video resolution after screening

TVs with high resolution display often provides an enhanced output picture that looks crystal clear on the big screen. However, certain components of this image can look exaggeratedly sharp when viewed on a desktop/laptop screen. Some HDTVs have integrated settings that are automatically applied to adjust the image for viewing on personal computers. In other cases, the controls for sharpness and noise decreasing can be applied to change the image quality for best viewing. You may refer to the user manual or certain websites on the internet for getting an optimized image quality on the Mac.

AirPlay Mirroring is a very useful feature that has been integrated with OS X Mountain Lion. Users will now have the privilege to view multimedia content from Macs and iOS devices on a bigger screen with a hassle-free syncing. Viewing of movies and music videos would make for a better experience than ever before.

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