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Pptp Vpn For Ipad
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A PPTP vpn for iPad is a very popular choice because of the simplicity of its installation. When compared to another popular vpn protocol, L2TP, set up takes a less time and requires just a password, username, and server location, all of which are provided by your vpn service. There are two reasons to get a PPTP vpn for iPad.

The first of these reasons is pure entertainment. Many site restrict access to certain users based on IP address. If you are outside of the USA you know that sites like Netflix and Hulu cannot be accessed anywhere but in the USA - unless you are able to change your IP address. Many users in Europe, Australia, and Canada are choosing to get a PPTP vpn for iPad because it allows them to get an American IP address. If you vpn host has servers in America, changing to an American IP address is as simple as signing into a server in an American city. Popular cities include Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and many others. Still others are interested in web sites that are only accessible from the UK like BBC iPlayer, Chinese downloading sites, or Japanese gaming sites. These are all reasons to change your IP address with a PPTP vpn for iPad.

A more serious reason to get a vpn for your iPad is the very real threat of hackers and identity thieves. I too, didn't really believe it would happen to me until I got 800 dollars stolen from my bank account. I was in China travelling and using my iPad (this was before PPTP and L2TP vpn protocols were blocked there). I didn't really think anything of it when I bought a plane ticket at an internet cafe in Beijing. When I got home a few days later I noticed my credit card was blocked. When I contacted the bank, they said that someone in China tried to charge 800 USD to a gaming site so they blocked use of the card. Luckily my bank was on the ball, but still it was scary to think that some guy was in Beijing just waiting to steal my credit card number. Privacy protection and anonymous surfing is become a very real reason to get a vpn for iPad and other mobile devices.

Now the question is why should you choose PPTP vpn for iPad instead of the other popular L2TP vpn protocol. Like I mentioned earlier, it's easier to set up. However, despite this, I personally recommend you get a L2TP vpn. The reason is that an L2TP vpn is more secure and works with more devices. PPTP does work with iPad, so it's ok, don't worry. However, with the extra certification and encryption that L2TP provides, your anonymous surfing and privacy protection will be more reliable. However, if you're looking for a quick solution, then a PPTP vpn for iPad is the correct choice of vpn protocol.

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