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Reviews Of VPN Services Online - How To Tell A Real VPN Review From A Fake One
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If you've decided that you need a virtual private network to hide/change your IP address for privacy online or to unblock sites, it's a natural reaction to want to look at reviews. I first signed up for a VPN service a few years back. At that time, I had no idea that some review sites were fake reviews. Now, as a promoter of a few VPN services, I see that many of the sites I'm in competition with know very little about the products they're promoting. Here are some tips about telling real VPN reviews from the fake ones.

Dates of blog posts

This one isn't always true, but if you check out the dates of the blog posts, and they're all within a very short period of time, it's most likely a fake. Many people set up sites over a couple of days, and then hire other people to link to them, so it looks like a popular site. This isn't always the case, but it's pretty hard to imagine where someone suddenly though it would be a good idea to do a review of all the VPN sites available on the internet.

Look for personal blogs

There are sites dedicated to reviewing VPNs. While it sounds like a good idea, most of these sites are designed to make money. That's ok, if they actually use the products they promote. But again, it's easier to just write positive reviews of everything, or base your review off of other review sites. I know - like I said, I'm a promoter of VPN sites and I feel the urge to do it the easy way to make some easy cash. It's a real pain using a VPN for a month just to write a review. I do it, but it's a pain. So look for personal blogs that just happen to have a review or two. These guys have nothing to gain (or very little), so they tend to be more honest in their reviews.

Is it a well rounded review?

Any good review should talk about the positive and negative points of a service. It may be that they don't offer live support, or don't offer unlimited bandwidth. It may be that they don't have a server in a popular location, or don't allow P2P. There are tons of negative things to say about a VPN service - even a good VPN service. But fake VPN review sites tend to try to be clever and make something good, sound like a negative. They'll say something like, "I spend too much time on Facebook now", or, "All my friends hate me because I can unblock sites faster than them.". These type of sappy comments are a sure sign that they don't know what they're talking about.

Did you learn anything?

Many fake review sites will just take info directly from the website, and rework it into a sentence. Introducing the product is a must, but at the same time, why should someone read your review when all you do is talk about the price and features? They might tell you a personal story about how they use the VPN, or talk about a specific conversation with the support team.

What's the writing style?

Lots of these sites outsource their reviews as well. Check out how the review was written. Does it sounds like robot? Does it sound official? Or does it sounds like someone talking to you? The tone of the review is important. It might even be that they use profanity in their review, or use some slang. A personal touch like that is a sure sign that it's a real person behind the VPN review site, and not some outsourced monkey.

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