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Serif Black Friday Sale!
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Serif Black Friday Sale!

It's Black Friday and as you know, you can avail of discounts in so many products. Well, digital products are not different. In fact, for four days (November 24 - 28, 2011), there is Serif Black Friday wherein they are offering 25% discount to their products.

Serif is known for many products that you can use online. May it be software, hosting, template, image, or whatever digital things you need, you can find them all here. Let me show those products to you in details for you to see what can you take advantage of today.


1. Desktop Publishing

Serif has two popular desktop publishing software which are the PagePlus X5 and the PagePlus Essentials. PagePlus X5 is a great tool that you can use to make professional marketing materials which includes advertising, printed documents, and great looking e-brochures. PagePlus Essentials on the other hand is the simpler version which is great in creating those materials quickly and easily. It has templates with designing tools that you can use easily to make marketing materials.

2. Web Design

If you want to create great looking websites, then Serif also has awesome tools for you. These are the WebPlus X5 and WebPlus Essentials. WebPlus X5 is cool since it helps you build your own site even if you don't have any programming skills whatsoever. WebPlus Essentials is even a lot easier version.

3. Photo Editing

You can also grab Serif's photo editing tool which is the PhotoPlus X5. This is a professional tool that does a lot of photo manipulation effects for you. It also has a simpler version which is the PhotoPlus Essentials. You may also be interested to grab Photo Projects which includes hundreds of royalty free photos that you can use.

4. Drawing

Are you not a gifted artist? Don't worry about it. You can get DrawPlus X5 and make cool logos, graphics, and banners using this tool.

5. Video Editing

You can also have Serif's own video editing program which is the MoviePlus X5. This is great in creating great videos that you can share.

6. Organizing Media and Digital Crafts

Other Products

Serif has a lot more other products aside from those things I mentioned. They also offer web and print templates and web hosting. They also got flash drives, colour collaboration, and tripod. Moreover, you can also get product manuals and some extra softwares from them.

You really need to have quality tools to use for your digital arts and website designing. This also makes your life easier in setting up things in your job and business. I wish you success in your digital endeavors!

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