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Things To Look For In A Gaming Laptop
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Gaming is a passion today among youth, children and even older people. Laptops are usually preferred to play games but you require laptops of a certain configuration to support gaming apps and make it more interesting with rich graphics and better speed. It is a matter of common understanding in the technical parlance that more RAM (Random Access Memory) means more virtual space on your computer and better performance but this is not the only thing that you need to consider while purchasing a laptop.

Apart from the RAM there are certain things that can’t be read in black and white and are not mentioned in the specification list. These hidden specifications can only be traced out by an expert. Remember if these specifications are not there on your laptop, then your gaming enjoyment can be ruined.

Most people do not have in-depth knowledge about what they should look for while buying a gaming laptop. They get confused and misguided and finally go buy one that is not ideal for gaming.

After going through this article you would be knowing lot more detail about the specifications you should look for in a gaming machine.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

RAM is the most vital component of your computer that is required for every action that you perform on it such as storing and reading out data. You would require higher RAM especially while storing enormous data. Your game requires storing a lot of data on your computer while they are running. RAM is required whenever it is to show a high speeding car/bike or a rifle firing frequent bullets. Modern games involve complex style of game playing with many features and characters that require higher RAM than what was required by traditional and simple games available earlier. The requirement of RAM increases with the complexities of the game that are progressive with new versions. Due to the above mentioned reasons you must consider buying laptops with higher RAM.

An average rated game such as “Startcraft II: Wings of Liberty” requires at least 1.5-2 GB of free RAM on your laptop. It also depends on the operating system you are using as Windows Vista required more RAM than Windows XP and above. Other applications that you run on your computer also requires RAM so if you are running any other application like RealPlayer along with games then you require even more RAM. Nowadays laptops are available with RAM between 2-8 GB depending upon your budget and requirement. If you have a fixed budget and just want a balanced gaming laptop then choosing a 4GB laptop is the best option. Those who have not any cap on their budget can choose a laptop with 8GB RAM and play games of every type.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

GPU is the next important component that you should look for on your gaming laptop. It is responsible for the scenes and imaginations that you visualize in the games you play. GPU helps you play games with incremented detail and higher frame rates. Gaming enthusiasts usually prefer dedicated graphics card that is a separate hardware component providing the graphics ability to your system. It is different from the integrated graphics card that is in fact simply a small thing soldered over the processor in the CPU instead of a separate graphics unit. The integrated graphics unit however costs less and consumes less power but it is at the same time less efficient as compared to the dedicated graphics unit.

Moreover, the arrangement of RAM also plays an important role in making your laptop suitable for game playing. Having two parallel RAMs instead of a single stick can make your laptop faster. It happens because of the capability of motherboard to read dual channels.

You can choose either a NVIDIA or or GeForce GT 540M graphics card while considering to buy a gaming machine. You will find a lot of other specifications listed with the GPU but they are technical in nature which will not be too helpful.

For a common user the important things to consider are:

• API Support

• Memory Bus Type

• Memory column

Graphics card with "Processing Power (GFLOPs)" column delivers better performance so if you have to choose between two graphics card then prefer buying one with the processing power column.

Central Processing Unit (CPU)

CPU is not as important as the GPU and RAM, but still it has its own role to play in making your laptop perfect for gaming. In the present scenario, considering multi-core chips is an ideal option because they have the capability to keep bugs and other hiccups away while you are playing a game. You may also settle on the Intel Core i5 2.66 GHz with TurboBoost 3.2 GHz that is an advanced CPU specification and appropriate for gaming requirements. This processor carries a fantastic clock speed of 3.2 GHz for optimal performance and smooth game playing. The best thing about this processor is the TurboBoost feature that helps in lowering down the clock speed to 2.66GHz in case less processing speed is required. In this case you end up saving electricity as less processing speed means less power consumption.

If you have planned to buy a gaming laptop but confused about the specifications then this article would be of help for you. Considering the requirements discussed in the article for a gaming laptop you would be able to pick up a decently configured laptop with adequate features.

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