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Use Software To Change Ip Address For Streaming Tv Online
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On demand television and movie streaming is becoming the new thing. It's fast, its convenient, and it beats waiting around for tradition television networks to play your favorite shows and watch all those dumb advertisements. Though traditional television watching still has many times more viewers that TV streaming sites, as internet TV and more things to make TV streaming more convenient develop, more and more user will switch over. But so many of these sites restrict streaming to local IP addresses. If you want to stream TV from Hulu, you have to have a US IP. If you want BBC iPlayer or Demand 5, you need a British IP. German, French, Canadian, and many more on demand streaming sites do the same thing. However, you can use software to change IP address to access these sites, no matter where you are.

Any site is able to view your IP address. That's just part of the way the internet works. When a site wants to block outside users, they simple set their firewall to allow/block users with certain IP addresses. For example, Hulu simply blocks all non-American IP addresses. The solution to getting access to Hulu would be of course, to get an American IP address. But is this possible?

Yes. Virtual private networks have a number of uses related to security and anonymity online, but one of the features that results from these intended uses is a change of IP address. Wherever your VPN server is located, that's the place you get an IP address from. If you sign into a VPN server in The UK, you get a UK IP address. A VPN sever in Canada, you get you a Canadian IP. The same works for any country in the world.

Most VPN services will have a number of IP locations available. The most common would be US and UK IP addresses for TV streaming, but German and Netherlands IP addresses are also popular among P2P and torrent communities. Some VPN packages may provide you with as little as 1 country location, or as many as 40+ country location, with thousands of IP addresses to choose from.

Don't worry! It's not as complicated as it sounds, and even people that don't understand how virtual private networks world at all can use them. Most of the time, changing your IP only involves choosing a country/city location and clicking/swiping the location of your choice. There's no complicated choices or procedures. Can you name a US city? Then you can watch Hulu from overseas. Don't know where Manchester is? Look it up on Google maps!

Though there are many kinds out there, as far as software to change IP address goes, VPNs will get you more places. Other types of software may reveal that you're using an anonymous IP address, or lack of security features may put you at risk for malware.

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