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Using Mountain Lion Wi - Fi Scanner For Network Optimization
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Mountain Lion is the latest version of Mac OS X that was released recently. It has taken the market by storm within a short span of its release. Among the gamut of new features on this OS, a Wi-Fi scanner tool is available which allows consumers to create a wireless home network by scanning the networks falling within its range. This tool allows users to view networks that are normally not listed under the usual Wi-Fi menu. In comparison to the external tools, this one differs by providing information on BSSID, protocol, band, channel, signal strength, protection and so on. Besides, there are a couple of modes on this known as ‘Active’ and ‘Passive’.

This new utility tool’s interface allows users to view most of the networks in the vicinity and their individual strength. Advanced users who know how to tweak the settings can also view some of the network located beyond the boundaries. It is not very difficult to comprehend the difference in signal and the noise strengths that this utility tool uses over its menu.

Moving ahead, if you take a look at the Channel (1-13) of the base station, you can also gauge the channel that is used the least by your neighbors. This could help you to take up measures and improve the reception in a particular area.

Users who are intrigued by this new Wi-Fi scanner utility can opt for the quick access of this piece of software. For this, you will need to navigate to the Wi-Fi Diagnostics application. This can be done easily by bringing it to the Launchpad or the dock. You can do this by the following way:

1. From the Finder window, press Command+Shift+G on your keyboard and key in the destination path as: /System/Library/CoreServices/

2. Find “Wi-Fi Diagnostics” from there and bring it into Launchpad or the OS X Dock. You have quick access to this tool.

The Wi-Fi tool is now at your disposal. You can thus easily get to the following location.

1. Open up the Wi-Fi Diagnostics. Do not choose the menu that appears first. Instead, press Command+N for calling up the fresh ‘Network Utilities’ tab. From this tab, you can get to know the details of various signal strengths and other details.

2. Thereafter click on the ‘Wi-Fi Scan’ bar for you to begin with the process of scanning the Wi-Fi.

Once you are done with these steps, you will be displayed all the networks available within the stipulated range. Their names along with the BSSID, band, protocol, channel, security, signal strength and other details will be visible to you.

The new Wi-Fi scanning tool is reputed to come up with all the relevant information after the first scan. However, if you want to find new results in the network search everytime, you will need to switch on the ‘Active Scan’ or ‘Passive Scan’ modes. This can be done by dragging the ‘Scan’ menu from the bottom right corner.

The new utility tool from Apple has tons of futuristic uses that may now seem unfamiliar to the users. You can use this tool for optimizing networks, lowering the interface and noise levels as well as for identifying networks in your vicinity. In addition, the Wi-Fi diagnostics application also comprises many useful features that help you track network traffic. However, these features and their application require sufficient knowledge of networks and operating system to be used to the fullest. It gives further advantage by reducing the usage of third party scanner tools.

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