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VPN Software For Mac
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VPN Software for Mac

There are a few types of VPN software for Mac, and you should understand the differences between them before you install. Though installing the 'wrong' VPN won't cause any damage to your Mac, it can waste time and produce results different to what you were looking for. Here's a quick breakdown of types of VPNs for Mac


This is the default choice for VPN users because it covers all areas of VPN enough to get the job done. It's easy to install, doesn't slow down your internet connection, and may even come at a discount price. For users looking to change IP address,unblock sites, bypass firewalls, and browse/download anonymously on the internet, PPTP is a good choice for Mac. Because of it's popularity, you'll also find that PPTP VPN servers are more widely available than some other types of VPN servers.


This type of VPN provides some security and privacy updates from PPTP. If privacy and security is a concern, then L2TP is a good option. It's widely available like PPTP, and usually found side by side with PPTP VPN servers. L2TP is a great option for privacy and security on Mac, as well as iOS and other smartphones operating systems.


For high grade privacy, anonymity, and security in addition to standard IP changing and firewall bypassing features of VPN connection, OpenVPN is the best solution for Mac. 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encryption is the type of privacy & security you use when you shop online. You trust your credit card and banking data with SSL encryption, so a VPN using this type of security should impress.

You may be wondering what the difference between L2TP and OpenVPN is. Well, they use different types of encryption, and tunnel your data differently. While those looking for anonymity on the internet could use both L2TP and OpenVPN with good results, I would say for Mac, you can simplify your choice to two VPN protocols. PPTP for fast, low level anonymity, and OpenVPN for high security needs. Not all services carry OpenVPN servers for all countries, so you can always use L2TP as a fall back option when you can't use OpenVPN.

VPN Services

PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN software will be available at most VPN services. Not all types of VPN software for Mac will be available in all countries. The type of VPN connection, location of VPN server, and quality of connection will vary greatly from service to service. For this reason, it's a good idea to have your 'ducks in a row' before you sign up, ie know what you priorities are.

  • Do you want a fast connection?
  • Do you care about high-level privacy?
  • Which country do you want your IP from?
  • Do you want to be able to access VPN servers in different countries, or just one?

Once you're able to answer these questions, you'll probably have a better idea of what type of VPN services you're looking for, and finding something you like will be easier. Comparing VPN services can be confusing and tiring because there are so many options out there. When you throw pricing and subscription terms into the mix, it make it all the more difficult to find the perfect VPN!

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