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Watch Hulu In Germany
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Hulu, a site which streams American television for free, unfortunately is only available to people in the USA. Wait, I take that back. It is only available to people with an American IP address. Users who want to watch Hulu in Germany, or in any country outside of the USA can use this IP address loophole to our advantage. While it may seem obvious that you can only have an American IP address if you are in America, this is not completely true. With a vpn, you can change your IP address and watch Hulu in Germany.

A vpn is like a private club that you can gain access to. By using vpn technology, the information that you send are receive from your computer to other users and sites on the internet is first encrypted and sent to the vpn host company's servers (in this case in America. By using a vpn server in America, you then get and American IP address. In this way, you can watch Hulu from anywhere in the world. If you are in Germany, all you would have to do is first connect to the vpn server with just a right click and a choice of server location. Once you are connected to the server in America, there is nothing else to do but type in Hulu's URL. It is that easy to watch Hulu in Germany.

There are many vpn companies out there, and because the internet is not censored in Germany, you would also be able to choose your vpn protocol. Different types of devices may require different vpn protocols, but in general you can divide them into two categories - mobile and static. Static devices like laptops and desktop computers are able to use most vpn protocols. PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IPSec, and SSL are all standard options. To make things simpler, don't worry about the exact differences. For static devices use SSL/OpenVpn and you won't have to worry about the details. This is a very secure and reliable option, and choosing another protocol may mean that you will run into set up confusion and problems in the future. If you are using a mobile device, sick with L2TP or IPSec. PPTP is also an option, but it is less secure and generally though of as a lesser option than L2TP or IPSec. So if you're going to watch Hulu in Germany from an iPad, iTouch, iPhone, or other mobile devices, remember to stick with these two protocols.

The price of a vpn ranges from five to twenty dollars a month. More expensive vpn services in general are more professional, and offer more features and services like free server switching, filtering options, and live support, but in most cases a cheaper version will do. Try to avoid free services because most of the time they will limit bandwidth or other features of the vpn, meaning that when you watch Hulu in Germany you will have to wait for buffering times, which no one likes. Other than facts, there is little else you need to know.

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