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Watch Netflix Outside The US
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Even though Netflix is a service limited to The USA, many people around the world are discovering the vast amount of movies available in its movie library and are trying to watch Netflix outside The US. The problem is that if your IP address is not in The USA, you're in trouble. Netflix doesn't allow users from outside America access to its movies, no matter how new or old the movies are. So how are people able to watch Netflix outside The US?

It's pretty easy actually. With a VPN, users are able to get an American IP address and access the site. VPN's are a cheap and reliable way to gain access to any IP restricted site such as Hulu and BBC iPlayer. There is nothing illegal about it, and it will only cost you a few dollars a month for the VPN membership fee (on top of the Netflix fee). Netflix most likely knows about this but they are at a loss to block VPN's, because unlike anonymous proxies, they are difficult to detect, and it's even more difficult to block their IP addresses.

In the past, anonymous proxies, and especially free anonymous proxies like Hotspot Shield were used to watch Netflix outside The USA. This, although the process is a bit more involved than using a VPN, was the method of choice for gaining access to Netflix's library of movies for users around the world, mostly because it was free. However, because proxies are fairly easy to detect (for those who want to), and a because of the huge amount of traffic coming from the anonymous proxy servers, they were quickly blocked by Netflix and now, under most circumstances, you're unable to watch Netflix outside The US with an anonymous proxy.

VPN's offer a few distinct advantages over proxies.

1. They are difficult to detect 2. They provide more IP addresses 3. Less traffic originates from them (probably because they're paid services) 4. They're more secure

Many users are of the mindset of, "I'll die before I pay for anything." This, while is possible, carries it's own set of disadvantages when trying to watch Netflix outside The US. For one, you've got to find a free VPN. There are free services out there, but most require that you jump through a few hoops before gaining access. Things like blog posting or banner hosting on a related site are two of the more common requests.

Even then, the free VPN services available may not be the protocol you're looking for. Most often, the least secure of VPN protocols, PPTP is the freebie offered. This may or may not suit your Internet device or operating system. Other VPN's which offer completely free services are very often flooded with other like minded users who are sharing large files (very often pirated material), which makes bandwidth a problem and will cause your video to continually buffer. So it turns out that what you don't pay for with money, you pay for with time.

Any user who is serious about wanting to watch Netflix outside The US, whether it be on iPad, Android, Mac, Windows or other platforms / operating systems should definitely have a VPN.

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