Why Soup Is An Important Meal For Our Diet?
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It is said that dinner should always be lighter than your breakfast and lunch. Soup plays a vital role in a light dinner menu. A combination of vegetables, chicken and meat can be used to make a soup which is not just good for the body but also for health. Soups are considered to be the first course of any meal and are good appetizers. They can be categorized as:

• hot or warm soup

• cold soup

Soups are consumed to curb the appetite so that one is not tempted to eat unnecessarily. In order to consume one bowl of soup, a person tends to smell, spoon, slurp, taste, chew and swallow, increasing the time taken to finish the meal. If soup is not a part of the meal, a person tends to consume 20% extra calories. Therefore, soup is good for people who are trying to reduce weight.

Few soups are a complete meal in itself. They have carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, fibers and antioxidants. Light and easy to digest, low in calorie, one can consider adding legumes like beans and lentils to soups so that they become richer and are power boosters for the body. Preparation of soups are hassle free. It is one of the most convenient, quick and easy recipe that can be cooked at home. Soups can stimulate the body and help in providing a peaceful and sound sleep at night after a long and tiring day at work.

Since Chicken soups are rich in protein, they are good for infants. They help babies develop taste buds and contribute towards body growth and functioning. Soups are a perfect meal for those chilly winter nights. Scientists and researchers state that there are particular soups which are helpful in preventing cancers. Soups like Tom yum soups, chipotle chili soups and chicken soups fall under the healthy soups category.

A few tips that one should consider for more healthy and nutritious choices are as follows:

• Instead of putting sour cream or heavy cream in soups, add sour yoghurt or even pureed cooked potatoes to enhance the texture and flavors.

• Add fresh herbs and spices to make it more aromatic and reduce sodium content from soups.

• When adding brown meats, put them in a separate pan. Then discard fat and pat meat dry before adding to your stock pot. This way it becomes healthier.

• Some people like clear soups and few like chunks coming into their mouth. No matter how the soup is liked, make sure not to exclude veggies from it. Puree it until its fine smooth or simply mash it to enjoy the tits and bits coming into your mouth.

If you want to reduce weight, make sure that soup is an essential part of your meal. Plan the weekly menu in such a manner that different types of soups are consumed on different days of the week so that they are not repeated.

Author Bio: The author has over 6 years of expertise in food and cooking industry. In this article she has shared her dinner ideas about easy soup recipes which can be served in dinner.

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