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Preventing Spam
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Preventing Spam

Shortly after I got out of the Navy, I began a job as a telemarketer. The pay was not that great but it was a job. During those days we would take a page out of the white pages and put a book mark on to the page we were working on and with the use of a telephone we would call people and read a script that the employer had made up for us.

The script was just made up but even though I can not remember what it had said, it basically mentioned to the person we were calling that they had requested the service. Most of the time that was not true. But we managed to set appointments for our sales people to go to their homes and sell these people items that they never planned on buying before we had called them.

After a few years, there was a bill that came to law which made doing telemarketing harder and people could sign up for a do not call list, which is in effect today.

If a telemarketer were to call anyone on the do not call list, they can now be fined or put in jail.

Spam is just like that. However, instead of using the telephone and trying to sell to people who never had the desire to purchase a type of product, spam is done by email to people who did not request it. There are people who do request information about items to be emailed to them, I am not talking about them. I am talking about people who never requested such emails.

Spam is also called junk email.

There are some websites that have what is referred to as spam blockers installed in them. Some of these would be yahoo email and other email companies.. When an email is suspected of being spam, the server will block it from reaching your email box.

The spam blockers are not that strong, however, and sometimes some spam does manage to get through to your email box.

There are also spam blockers which are downloadable but most of them have viruses so it is best not to download them unless it is from a company that you trust.

Having a spam blocker not only can lessen the amount of emails you get but it can also reduce your chances of getting a virus email as well.

It is always a good idea to always make sure that your computer is running normal and downloading any spam blocker could be risky. Always make sure you download from a company that you know and trust.

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