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Reading Comprehension Disorders - Find Tutoring
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Reading Comprehension Disorders  -  Find Tutoring

Reading is the single most imortant part of education that a child can achieve. It literally affects their entire future, yet, reading failure is a national problem in the USA.

One of the difficulties one can face is the ability to comprehend what was read. Comprehension is the meaning gained from what is written on a page.

There are several factors that affect a readers comprehension of the text that is being read.

  • A readers prior knowledge of the subject influences his comprehension of the text
  • The readers interest in the subject being read about
  • The purpose behind the reading material
  • The ability to decode words quickly
  • Unfamiliar words
  • The length of the sentences
  • The way words are put toether

A common reading comprehension disability that most people are familiar with is Dyslexia of which there are three different types: phonological, orthographic and mixed. Phonological Dyslexia is having difficulty with properly processing language sounds. Orthographic Dyslexia is having difficulty with word memory and recognition. Mixed is a combination of the two. The cause is either developmental or acquired as a result from an illness or brain injury.

How can a parent recognize if their child's reading skills are caused by a disability such as Dyslexia? Common symptoms are disorganization, lack of coordination, difficulty understanding or remembering things heard, behavorial symptoms, depression, low self esteem, impulsiveness, lack of interest in school activities or not wanting to go to school.

Other signs of Dyslexia :

  • Directional Confusion - affects concepts such as up or down, top and bottom, i.e. reversal of letters such as b & d, or p and q.
  • Sequencing Difficulties - i.e. perceiving something in sequence and then remembering the sequence; i.e. remember the order of the alphabet
  • Difficulties with the little words such as if, to, and; misreads little words such as a for and; the for a; from for for; then for there; were for with; omits or reads twice little words like the, and, but, in.
  • Late talking
  • Math difficulties such as confusion with similar looking signs i.e. + and x; they may also reverse numbers such a a 17 for 71; they may transpose numbers such as 362 and 623

If you are recognizing any of these signs and symptoms in your child it is wise to have him/her tested. A child's disability can be determined by his/her cognitive skills. Cognitive skills are mental skills that are used in the process of acquiring knowledge.

Early intervention will prevent much frustration. Your childs educational success is at stake. Federal regulation now requires that any child diagnosed with dyslexia requires an Individualized Educations Program. Reading difficulties affect other subjects, study skills, oral skills, math skills and social skills.

Dyslexia is a lifelong problem. There is help available.

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