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What Is Yellow Belt Six Sigma?
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What is Yellow Belt Six Sigma?

You want to improve the quality of your processes and increase your results? Want to know more about the Six Sigma methodology and its effectiveness? Whether you are a small or a medium or large business, Six Sigma Yellow Belt training is for you. After this course, you will be able to effectively support the teams that achieve improvement projects using Six Sigma. The general introductory training is ideal especially for leaders who want to raise their awareness about the importance of this proven methodology and want to implement it internationally. The principles behind this approach and the key elements of managing a Six Sigma deployment are the traps, organizations experience, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

The participant will be able to make an informed choice on how Six Sigma can be used to better manage the resources and provide the necessary support to Six Sigma projects in their organization.

What you will learn?

• Effective support to teams carrying out Six Sigma projects to solve problems more effectively and efficiently.

• Understanding of the effectiveness of this methodology in solving complex problems.

• Awareness of the importance of the phases of the Six Sigma methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC)).

Specific objectives

Understanding the need for improving the quality and importance of Six Sigma in this context

• The difficulties associated with the increased competition and complexity of products and services.

• The positive effect of Six Sigma in a context of continuous quality improvement.

Understanding the different elements of the Six Sigma approach

• Explanation of DMAIC methodology, measures, tools and project formats.

Understand the key elements relating to the management and deployment of Six Sigma

• Identification and explanation of the critical elements in the management of Six Sigma.

• Lessons learned from organizations that use this method.

• Critical elements in the deployment of Six Sigma.

Strengths and weaknesses of Six Sigma

• Identification of strengths and weaknesses and discussion of the risks associated with the management, deployment and the achievement of desired results.

• Overall benefits of the methodology.

Who Should Attend?

Six sigma training workshops should be attended by the managers and professionals who have to lead, manage or coordinate continuous improvement in their organization.

Teaching strategies

The training providers first discuss the principles, logic and tools of the methodology based on practical examples. The concept is taught based on hypothetical cases or experiences, questions and mini-team exercises which are designed to test the different organizational practices. Finally, discussions and summary of the overall learning consolidate the gains. This training is a prerequisite for getting trained on Six Sigma Green Belt.

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