Why Do You Have Reading Regression? Speed Reading 101
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Why Do You Have Reading Regression? Speed Reading 101

Reading regression is the looking back at the text that you had read. People who have a slow reading speed tend to have severe reading regression and this can be caused by many things.

Regression is also the cause of why it is hard to speed read initially.

1. Lack of focus

The role of focus when reading is important. Without focus you will not grasp what you read and your reading effort will be a waste.

Lack of focus is also the cause of people falling asleep while reading.

To counter this, make sure that you read at a place with little to no distraction. If there are distractions, it is hard to focus because you will be stimulated by other things instead of focusing solely on your book.

Another thing to note is you should be reading without solving your problems. Be sure to solve any problems bothering you or the least you could do, write down the problems and think about what you are going to do to solve them.

Please don't do your problem solving while reading. Do it after you had finished your reading session.

2. Weak vocabulary

I find that those who has a weak vocabulary tend to look at a dictionary while reading. This interrupts the flow of reading and also your thoughts because every time you look at the dictionary your concept of the book will be fragmented. This is bad because each time you finish, your memory of the book is all over the places and that's why some people find it hard to summarize what they had read.

To tackle this, make sure to read with a pencil. Every time there's a word you don't understand, underline the word.

After you had finished reading,skim the book going through page by page. When you spot the underlined words, then it is okay to open your dictionary and look up the word.

3. Fear of not remembering what you read

It is okay to feel fear but most of this fear is due to most people reading book only once.

You need to reread a book more than once if you want to truly understand what is read. By reading more than one time and without looking back at what you don't understand, you will increase your reading speed in every read and your understanding being built up the more you reread.


I hope that you get the idea of how reading regression occur and how to overcome it.

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