Do You Know Your Spouses Love Language?
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The Five Love Languages

A few years ago I came across this book call The Five Love Languages. I had heard of how good it was through some friends and was intrigued to learn about these "love languages". I had never heard of that term before.

Have you ever read a book andhad an "a ha" moment. Well I kept having them over and over again throughout reading this book. The author explains the concept of how there are 5 different love languages which are Quality Time, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service and Receiving Gifts. He also talks about your "love tank" and how we can learn how to fill our spouses love tank by speaking their love language.

I have experienced the benefits of putting this into practice. Both my husband and myself have. What I learned to understand was that a lot of times people don't realize why they're losing romance and intimacy in relationships. Love is a choice and we need to choose to display affection towards our partners according to what their love language is. Most people are missing this because they're not realising that they are expecting their spouse to feel loved the same way they feel loved.

Everyone is different.

For example, my primary love language is quality time. So I feel most loved when my husband spends quality time with me. This fills up my love tank. My husbands primary love language is physical touch (and I don't mean just sex!), so he feels most loved when I hug him or give him nice head rubs, etc. Those fill up his love tank.

It was just really cool figuring out what ways each other feels most loved. Beacuse more than likely they will be different. There's even a quiz in the back of the book that you can take to figure out what your love language is.

I've let a few people borrow the book and read it and they really enjoyed it. One of my friends took it and said, "Ah! My husband needs to read this!" She needs to read it also, haha. You really need to look at this as a selfless thing. Love is more about what you give than about what you receive.

If there's anyone else who has read the book I'd like to know! Let me know what your thoughts on it are. I am always happy to share stories and testimonies. There are a lot of great testimonies that the author gives throughout the book. He is a marriage counselor with a lot of experience. It was really encouraging to always be reading what struggles other couples were going through but then how they worked throught them.

Do you have any success stories after reading this book?

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