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Consequences of Sex and porno

-Daniel Affi,

Millions of people open websites watching pornography. The porno or sex photos they watch has effect on them. There are several consequences of having illegal sex. I have written more than 10 consequences of this act and how to overcome it in my book titled: 15 consequences of SEX & Porno.”

There is pleasure in having sex. If one willingly go into sex daily or weekly, it is a sign that the person enjoys it.

The present world of fashion contributes a lot in stirring the emotions of the people to have sex. The many pornography videos on many internet networks are also a major contributing factor. Have you also notice that so many advertisement on television parades nakedness of people?

The pleasure of sex is like the pleasure of drinking honey. Around the honey hives are stinking bees. As beautiful as rose flower looks, it has thorns.

But when sex is done within the normal context, there would never be any consequence, rather pleasures and fruitfulness. It will increase or multiply something in you.

I advice that you patiently go through this book: the knowledge in this book would get you out of any sexual addiction and would guide you into having a pleasurable sexual life without regrets and pains.

The many side effects of sexuality out of context are clearly explained in this book.

It takes time, effort and sometimes resources to get good people around us. When you have one as your lover, maintain the relationship. One act of sexual infidelity could cost you so much.

Below are few of them effects of sex;

� The Loss Of Trust For Your Partner

� External Consequence

� You Will Be Blackmailed

� Lost Of Honour And Respect

� Multiplied Misfortune

� Destroying Your Own Generation With Your Own Hand

� You Will Become A Professional Liar

� Lost Of Your Money

� You Will Contract Disease

� 10. You Will Have Strange Children

� 11. You Will Be Pregnant Or Impregnate Someone’s Daughter

� 12. The Danger Of Abortion

� 13. Your Partner May Not Give You The Best

� 14. You Will Lose A Blessing, Protection And Guidance.

� It Leaves You With A Sense Of Guilt, Regrets And Could Lead To Depression.

How To Overcome Sex and Porno Addiction

You can avoid all the pains that come with having extra marital affair or immoral sexual acts. We were told a lie that everyone is doing it. This is not true. There are so many people: young and old; girls and boys, men and women, and people from different religion who are not misbehaving sexually.

When you set boundaries or line against sexual acts, you will not fall into it. Most times, people do that deliberately. It doesn’t happen by mistake.

These are some information you need that would enable you to overcome sexual temptation.

1. Do not start a relationship with an opposite sex if you are not ready to marry them. It is my opinion that you don’t go into years of courtship with the person you are not prepared to marry soon, within one to two years.

2. You must face the fact that you are an addict and desire deliverance.

3. Learn to discern when sexual lust is beginning to come in between you and any female/male friend you have and keep that relationship at arm’s length.

To learn more about consequences of sec and porno and how to overcome this habit, get a copy of my book titled: “15Consequences of Sex and porno.” Visit this website to order for your copy:

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