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7 Stages Of Being
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7 stages of awareness-

Understanding where other people fall in the scale of consciousness can be extremely important to handling a relationship. It tells you were their values truly lie. Once you have this understanding of where people are at in their awarness of the world you can then talk to the values that they hold. This allows you to better relate to friends, family, lovers, and even business associates. An honest and candid look at yourself can also lead to a better understanding of yourself as well.

When we are on the spiritual path our ultimate goal is to meet others and ourselves where we are in the moment. Then we focus on escalating our consciousness and helping others to do the same thing. So here is a little measuring tool of where you are at on the continuum.

Stage 1 Individual- If I were in this stage, the only thing I would give a damn about is my own life. Screw the environment, and other people, unless it benefits me, me, me.

Stage 2 Gender- Think of that irritating extremist friend, and our, oh so lovely male chauvinists. Someone who believes they are better then someone else simply because they are of a certain gender falls into the Gender stage of development. Though there are times where this is a fun place to visit, in general it is quite an unconscious state.

Stage 3 Ethnic or Racial Being- These people have a tendency to move a bit beyond the Gender equation, and into a belief system that their race or ethnicity is superior. I am white, black, middle easter etc. and that makes me superior.

Stage 4 National or Cultural Being- Much the same as the ethnic being. This person goes beyond patriotism, or religious belief, believing that anyone who thinks the way that they think is superior and that being a Christian, American, Jew, or Muslim creates their identity.

Stage 5 Human Being- This seems to be a dominant way of being for many people these days, though it is changing. This is a belief that all men should be treated equally, but the environment and animals may take a backseat.

Stage 6 Sentient Being- To a sentient being all things that live and grow have high value. Trees, oceans, and animals are all treated with high regard. However there is one more stage.

Stage 7 Spiritual Being- The spiritual being believes that everything to include the mineral world has high value. Everything as seen as the manifestation of the most high, and everything is treated with the utmost respect.

Where do you stand in the hierarchy? Being honest with yourself, will help you to meet other people where they are. This will allow you to understand why someone believes the way they do, and helps you to meet them on their own level.


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