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Babies and baby Christians have a lot in common. With the anticipation of a baby being born, excitement fills the air. But even with all the excitement, it is not long before we see there also comes a great deal of responsibility.

In the same way when a person accepts Jesus Christ as their savior, they become what we know as a baby Christian regardless of their age. Just as with a newborn baby, they too, will need assistance and guidance along the way to become the mature Christian God intended them to be. Baby Christians will fall and make mistakes as do all babies, but with proper guidance they will learn that success is not in the falling, but rather in the getting back up.

When a baby is born they are totally dependent upon others; to feed them, to bathe and sooth them. As they begin to walk, they fall down, we help them up. When they make mistakes we correct and guide them, teaching them the way they should go. As they grow to reach maturity we find they need less and less supervision.

This holds true also for the baby Christians, as they too will need love, training, guidance and encouragement. Baby Christians are much of the time coming to an unknown territory, to a way of life, very different from what they have known. Some of them believe perfection is the only way and that failure disqualifies them to be a Christian. Baby Christians need biblical instructions and clear understanding of God’s Word. Encouragement plays an important role in helping them reach their full potential. This is where the mature Christian becomes vital link in their growth development.

When we see a child make a mistake, we help, without condemnation because we understand this is how he develops and learns. When watching a baby Christian we should have the same compassion, knowing he too is learning to be a Christian.

God did not tell us to get our act together and then come to him. He said come as you are! He knows everything we have ever done. He knows we will not be perfect even after we come. God loves us and He wants to have a personal relationship with us.

Through His word, day by day with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will become better Christians. With the encouragement and wisdom of our sisters and brothers in Christ, we will have the continued strength to carry on. We will still make mistakes along the way, but He is there to pick us up, because we belong to Him and He loves us.

Perfection is not the game. The game is having the determination to carry on and knowing that one day we will see our efforts rewarded.

One important note; if we are already a child of God we should make every effort to support and assist the baby Christians, because when we think about it, at one time, we to were baby Christians in need of some ones help and direction.

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