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Eternal Destination
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Eternal Destination

We are all guilty of procrastinating about things whether it is about working out, eating right or even telling someone we are sorry. We tend to push things to the side, wait for another day or a better time. Eternity is the only thing that is really going to matter in the end but we are equally guilty of putting this off too. We can be assured of our destiny by one small act of faith, yet we still procrastinate.

What makes us humans not see the urgency of salvation? My belief is that there are several reasons. First, we are prideful and arrogant. We see no need because we take care of ourselves and we live life on our own terms. Eternity seems too far off to concern ourselves with. Secondly, we are deceived about how to receive eternal life. Good intentioned people believe if we are good or go to church we qualify. Thirdly, we see Christians as hypocrites because sometimes “so called” Christians do not set good examples to encourage the unbeliever. We think “if that is how Christians are we do not want to be one.” Lastly, and I believe to be a major reason is we love the sin we live in. We feel we would have to give up to much and it would be boring.

Our society is rampant of pride and arrogance. We have become a nation of people who believe we totally control our own destiny, are entitled too much, but yet need nothing or no one to get what we want. We feel we have accomplished our successes on our own and eternity is just not a priority. Until we are in a place where we are unable to control our lives do we ponder His existence and our eternity. Not by our own might, but by His grace everything stands. Not only does he control our lives, he controls the next breath we take.

Many times I have heard people say “I am a good person and God is a good God and therefore I am sure I am going to heaven.” These misconceptions of Gods’ Word will place many in Hell. The Bible says we must be born again (spiritual rebirth) to enter Heaven. Without accepting Jesus Christ we cannot see Heaven.

Christians are supposed to walk in the Word and be good examples to unbelievers. Sadly we see people who profess to be Christians but still live a sinful life. All of us are human and none are sinless therefore we all sin. Unbelievers have this preconceived notion that Christians are perfect and never sin. The truth is Christians’ sin just like unbelievers with the difference being Christians recognize their sin, repent and ask to be forgiven. Christianity is a day to day process and with each day you strive to do better.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate about eternity, but the last one that I will cover and feel to be high on the list of reasons is that people love the sinful life they are living. Plainly said because of our sinful nature living on the edge and seeking the pleasures of this world brings excitement and thrills. When our life sometimes gets into a rut it is too easy to look at the other side and think we are missing out. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves in sin by following others and wanting to fit in. We look at Christians and feel we have to be perfect so therefore it must be boring. In reality because our flesh is weak, sin eventually takes a toll on us physically and spiritually. What we find is that for every sin you depart from God will replace with something more lasting and that will bring greater joy and contentment. The sins of the world are for such a short time when you consider our time in eternity.

For myself I would rather be a Christian who fails, repents and is forgiven knowing I am in the family of God , than live a day without him knowing my eternity will be in an eternal Hell of torment and torture. The time is now because He really does control our next breath.

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