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Feeling Blue Can Calm Down Anxiety
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Feeling Blue Can Calm Down Anxiety

It’s funny how moods and states are often associated with colors. How can blue calm down anxiety when it's common to say that being unhappy is the same as "feeling blue"? When someone sees red why do we know they’re angry? Similarly, how can someone who’s afraid be described as yellow? There’s a deep-seated reason for these attirbutes and if you know the spiritual relevance then you can use them to transform bad or negative states.

Red is associated with the base of the spine and is the fundamental essence of our being. It relates to the family unit and the ability to support and to stand up for yourself. It has aggressive qualities so it’s not hard to see how an imbalance in its energy is associated with anger and survival.

Yellow belongs to the solar plexus, right in your center, and has a sense of self-involvement. Spiritual imbalance here relates to fear, intimidation, self-confidence and being sensitive to criticism. Again, it’s natural to see how these attributes are characteristic of someone who may be labeled a coward.

Blue, however, is a bit trickier. This color denotes the throat. It’s not surprising to find that this relates to communication and self-expression. Additionally it's connected to decision-making, following your dreams and, amongst other things, faith and knowledge. If someone experiences imbalances here it manifests as an inability to make decisions. Equally, if they encounter obstacles to following a dream and they don’t express that then it can create a “blue” mood.

The great thing about working with colors is the wealth of options you can use to improve the situation once you’ve identified the relevant color. Knowing which colors to work with is half the battle. So let’s say someone is experiencing a blue mood. What can they do?

As a prelude to relieving anxiety more deeply, working with blue on the throat is a good place to start. Firstly, bringing the color blue into the environment will increase the ability to self-express and start to reduce doubts about faith, in yourself or a higher intelligence. Secondly, it’ll focus your creativity and build confidence in your ability to succeed. You may be wondering how a color can have this effect. It’s all a question of vibrations and how they affect the energy centers, or chakras, in our bodies.

Colors are frequencies and have the capability to tune into a chakra and balance it in the same way that sound can. Each color also has a note that can be used for the same effect. Blue, for instance, is the note A and A is the note for the throat chakra. It’s an art rather than a science so don’t be worrying about the exact pitch or tuning of it. As long as it’s somewhere in the region of what western musical systems call A, it’ll do!

A Tibetan singing bowl produces the best effect. The bowls are made with a unique alloy of seven metals to correspond with the chakras and by playing them near the chakra, the throat in this case, they’ll start to synchronize and balance the energy.

If you don’t have a Tibetan singing bowl then there are other ways of producing the same effect. When meditating or sitting quietly, a mantra creates similar vibrations. Again, there’s a mantra for each chakra and in this case it’s Ham (pronounced "hom"). Sing it to yourself quietly in a low tone when you reach a relaxed state.

By using any of these techniques that employ sounds and vibrations you’ll be tapping into one of the most ancient healing systems in the world to calm down anxiety. This is just the tip of the iceberg and a tiny insight into what’s possible. When it comes to sounds and healing, however, identifying the color and sound that’s behind the way you’re feeling will be the first step to improving your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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