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We all want to hurry God, but He never seems to be in a hurry, does He? We on the other hand feel stuck in the “wait mode.” Beginning with our childhood and on into adulthood we seem to be waiting for one thing or another. Waiting was not uncommon for the people in the Bible either. We cannot understand God’s timetable, nor can we understand His wisdom, but we can be sure that He has a reason for making us wait. Comparing our time clock to God’s, is impossible when we understand He is timeless. What seems like forever to us is like a second in time to Him. In His all knowing wisdom we are left to wait, knowing and believing His plans for us are perfect.

As children we start this cycle of being in a hurry. We want to open our presents now, get there now and play now. Impatience is our game! When we near adulthood it doesn’t change much; we want to drive now, finish school now and find the perfect mate now. Only when we reach our older years do we learn to wait. We wait in hopes our prodigal will return and we wait for the return of our Lord. We wait for what is worth waiting for and in the process we learn to have patience.

In the Bible many prayers came out of the act of waiting. The Israelites waited 400 years for deliverance from Egypt. Moses waited 40 years to be called to lead the people and then another 40 years to reach the Promise Land that he never entered. Jacob waited seven years for a wife and then because he was tricked by her father he had to wait another seven years to get her. Wow, and we thought we were the only ones who had to wait!

Although to us it may seem like eternity when we have to wait, rest assured, it is God’s perfect plan. God requires us to develop a mature faith, which is a quality that can only develop in the passing of time. It may involve roadblocks and delays that are frustrating. We may have to go through some trials and tribulations as we wait, but He is faithful to bring us through.

If we will pray for the patience and the strength to endure our times of waiting, God promises to renew our strength. We must believe and keep our hope in Him. If we will continue on with anticipation, knowing He has everything under control, we will see God does not need to hurry.

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