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In Search Of A Soul
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Where did it all begin, why did it all start, how did it all start? I'm sure like with so many others so too did these questions enter your mind and in some instances, never left again, because this may have been the beginning of many spiritual journeys and roads to meaning of existence, of life.

Science finds it hard to accept and explain, because this is a subject that cannot be researched according t the conventional scientific methodologies, but before all of that, science says "Bring us something we can work with", but what can we bring...? The soul has a hard fight on it's hands and begins by saying "I am not here to prove that I exist, either you accept me or deny me, either way man is so minute in the face of creation and the higher self will reveal itself unto only those, willing to embrace it.

Science explains the Big Bang Theory so brilliantly. It speaks of an enormous explosion that occurred somewhere in the universe and sent planets that were created or came into existence at the moment of this momentous explosion. I need to ask what exactly is it that exploded and where did it come from, how did it come into existence? After all science doesn't believe that something cannot be created from nothing, that's almost magical.

Then where did it come from? What fueled this explosion? Matter gets hurled throughout the universe at the speed of light and form planets. All this in a millionth of a millionth of a second! That takes a bit of effort wrapping the mind around that speed. Life came into being in an instant! Before I even entertain this topic any further, let's go back to the beginning. We all agree on one undeniable fact and that is life existed even if it was in an atom, a proton or neutron, it doesn't matter where it existed, the fact is it did!

Now the million dollar question, where did life come from, because we can all agree on another undeniable fact, and that is that two lifeless particles could never fuse or bind to make any living organism! Where did the life in the living organism come from and until the day science comes up with an explanation, we need to accept that life was created and not evolved from nothingness into existence, that would make a great story.

Life comes with too many great and amazing revelations on a daily basis, everyday we discover more things about the human body, an engineering marvel second to none so much so that science got lost in discoveries of the workings of this great machine. Yet they call it evolution, if that is so then evolution is a master designer. Then evolution must be responsible for the creation of the celestial bodies and their workings. Evolution must be great, because it embedded an intelligence in the atom and genes in an exact order to create unique individuals and forms of life and gives unto each species different characteristics, an amazing feat for evolution.

The precise distance between the sun and earth to sustain life, the universe is constantly expanding and the planets drifting away from one another and still earth and the sun maintain the assigned distance from each other so earth may maintain life. The precise order that exists in that which we see as chaos in the universe. These are too many favourable coincidences to precisely engineered, to precisely arranged and too intelligently composed to be the result of a chance occurrence.

The essence of life exists in all of the living, it's spirit, it's soul, that which resides in us all. That spirit is created and not evolved neither did it just pop into existence, it's simple for those who are able to see...Life was created and it came with the spirit and it leaves with the spirit.

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