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This world is full of hurting people looking for a place to heal. Everyone is in search of some kind of healing. From sickness to finances and from loss to regrets the list goes on. We have the natural tendency to search THIS world for healing and all the while not really going to the places that will can give us the healing we need. If we would focus upon the things and places of God, we would surely see our circumstances change and our healing process begin.

The hospitals and nursing homes are full people who are sick and hurting. Moment by moment someone is given a diagnosis with a life threatening outcome. Our economy has spiraled out of control leaving many with the fear of losing their job or their home, with no hope of where the next meal will come from. Several are dealing with the death of a spouse, a child or a close friend. Just looking at the world with all the destructions resulting from fighting and killing leaves many in despair of what the future holds. Of course, a majority of us are living with our own regrets of the past and are unable to lay them down.

With sin abounding inside of us, it is so easy to look to the carnal things of this world to find our healing. Stress release comes to us in many forms and we all will find the one we think works best for us. With all the pressures on us today we believe that we can reduce our pain by blocking them out. We will use alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. Maybe to feel loved we find ourselves sleeping with someone outside of marriage. It could be we are indulging ourselves with work, food or pornography to fill an emptiness we cannot fill. Whatever your weapon of choice, we all have one.

Sad as it is to say, it seems we never want to go to the real place of healing until we have hit rock bottom with no way out. Only then do we cry out to the right sources.

Our main source is God and He is there, ready and able to bring us through all our trials and sufferings. He has left us with another source, which is His Word and it is has clear instructions to help us ease our pain. When we use our source of praying He is sure to hear. He knows our needs and He asks us to come boldly to Him with our prayers and He promises to answer. God has instructed us to attend The House of Lord,to worship and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. When we use this source fellowshipping with others and sharing our pains we soon find our problems may not be so bad after all.

God has not left us here to fend for ourselves. He has given us many places to go to receive healing, if only we will use them. It doesn’t matter how long we search through the worldly things, will never find the peace and healing we are longing for. Let us go to the places of healing that are real and are truly the source that will give us the healing results we really need.

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