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Set Up For Success
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People have different definitions for success, but there is one way to be set up for success that cannot fail. We have the world’s view and we have God’s view, so must analyze to see if we have chosen the right set up. Only when we know what real success is, can we begin to line ourselves up to become the success He intended us to be. Once we are set up for success, what we gain is without measure!

For many people success may be a great job, a fancy house or a flashy car. For others it may be more personal and involve the knowledge or skills they have learned. Then for some maybe financial accomplishments or personal relationships have made them feel successful.These can be great successes if used in the right way, but they are still very different from God’s view of success. It is not wrong to want success in our lives, but we must look through God eyes, because His way is perfect and eternal.

So what is the perfect set up and how do we start? We start by first knowing we, ourselves are children of God. In order for God to know us and acknowledge our successes, we must have received Jesus free gift of salvation.

When this is in place, God wants us to be people of significance, with impact. Success to God means discovering His will for our lives and using it to glorify Him. Success is not to glorify our self. His measure of success involves faithfulness and obedience to Him regardless of the cost. God wants us to accomplish His goals and His purposes for our life by being loyal and maintaining a personal relationship with Him. Lastly, in God’s eyes our ultimate success is bringing His children into His kingdom. When we do this we are not only successful, we are investing in our own eternity

When we achieve success by God’s design our blessings are enormous. We automatically feel peace, knowing we are forgiven, because we are His children and that He is coming back for us. We no longer have to strive for His approval, because we know, what Jesus did on the cross, made us acceptable to God and gave us a treasure and an inheritance in Heaven. We know our life counts because God loves us and has made us for a purpose. Even through times of trials we are comforted knowing He will help us and He is sure to remind us that things do not end here. God gives us many assurances when we seek success His way.

So truly, we are never really successful until we are living for God and having a personal relationship with Him. Once we know Him personally, our desire will be to tell others of what He has done for us. When others see our joy, and hear our story, they too will seek salvation and become a child of God.

When we turn another life to God, He changes our life forever. God has the perfect set up! Are you ready to be set up for success?

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