Scorpio Love Compatibility
Any individual who were born between October 24th and November 21st will belong to the Scorpio sign. These folks are…
How to Take That Mustard Seed to the Next Level
I have always heard that the faith of a mustard seed is all I need. For many years I did not understand that saying…
Ask A Love Psychic For Help
How is your love? What does your partner look like? Is she/he a good person? Does he/she cheat me? Is there anything…
The War On Our Fears
Our spirit is there to aid us. Its power dwells inside each of us waiting to help us make the right decision regardless…
Top Love Tarot Cards
Though today is simply not Valentine’s Day for all couples to get a quick glimpse at romantic stuff, it’s still…
Medium Spiritual Skills Overview
It’s basically assumed that every of us might have loads of psychic powers and even the most enlightening senses…
Spirituality Articles (299)
Abundance -- Delight
Abundance!!! How??? Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!!! Ps 37:4 This is not necessarily a touchy feeling delight. If you are having trouble in this area find out what exactly in Him you are delighting in. What do you truly believe…
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Believe Only - Prayer
People speak of believing sometimes as if our believing is what moves God to take action on our behalf. This is sad for those who have not yet bleieved; or not so sad, since the ultimate decision lay in God's hands anyway. Having gone through years of severe depression, I…
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I Am a Christian-So-What Does That Mean?
What does it mean to be a Christian? Our society is full of people professing to be Christians, but sometimes I wonder if they actually know the true meaning. It seems many have been misguided, believing that good deeds or compassion for others may qualify them to be a Christian.…
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The Problem Of Sin - If God is so Powerful, Why is there Sin?
If God is a just, omnipotent, omniscient, and loving God, He would not allow evil in the world. However there is evil in this world, thus God either does not exist, or is not just, omnipotent, omniscient or loving. This is the argument many non-believers cling to in their rejection…
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How To Be Spiritual
I have often asked myself this question over the years and it is an interesting topic for debate. To learn how to be spiritual, first we need to discuss what we mean by “spiritual”. There are many definitions of this which you can easily find on the internet, but I’d…
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7 Stages Of Being
7 stages of awareness- Understanding where other people fall in the scale of consciousness can be extremely important to handling a relationship. It tells you were their values truly lie. Once you have this understanding of where people are at in their awarness of the world you can then talk…
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Setting Spiritual Goals
I have a belief behind everything that I teach, and everything that I accomplish in life. Everything is spiritual!!! All goals are spiritual goals. I don't care if it is making a boat load of cash, having amazing sex, finding the love of your life. All of it is spiritual.…
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Understanding the Message Of the Bible
This article would have interest only to a serious seeker of truth from the Bible...someone who really wants to understand what is the main teaching found in the Bible. I've found many different ideas as to the purpose for the existence of the Bible. It's not my intent to try…
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Fall From Grace -- Can One Truly Fall From the Grace God?
Can one truly fall from grace? Can one truly get out from under the grace of God that Christ has so freely given? The scriptures say in Gal. 5:2b-4 these are sciptures that you will have to look up....I do apologize. I can not copy material or post material from…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Spirituality   Apr 24, 2011  
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Abused -- A Letter to God
My heart cries out to You God....for You have been with throughout all my years. Years of joys, disappointments, dreams and what at times seemed like hoplessness. You never, never left my side. Always my Confidant and very Best Friend ... showing me Your Goodness .... never saying, "you should…
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Honesty -- Is it Truly the Best Policy?
In my life I have found that yes, Truth is the Best IS the Truth that you know that makes you free. BUT -- and this is a Big BUT --Truth is often mistaught. We learn to be honest with ourselves, then with God, then with others....and not all…
By:  in  Self Improvement  >  Spirituality   May 01, 2011  
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Women And the Catholic Church
Women and the Catholic Church. An often heard remark about the Catholic Church is about why they don’t ordain women. The comments are made in relation to the declining numbers of priests as well as a supposed unfairness towards women. The people who usually bring up these issues are almost…
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What New Age Spirituality Has Done for Me And What it Can Do for You
What New Age Spirituality has done for Me and Can Do For You In this post we are going to discuss New Age Spirituality. In the vast ocean of New Age Spirituality you can stay on the shallow end of the beach enjoying the feeling of the sand between your…
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What To Do With Nightmare Every Night?
It is extremely repellent to wake up terrified from a nightmare. People of all ages and genders feel it impossible to fight against the imaginary images when the night comes regardless of whether they are good or bad. However, let’s face the fact that it is probable to eliminate the…
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Phone Psychic Reading
Are you looking for a phone clairvoyant you can call at any time, 24/7? Interested in a phone psychic reading to dip yourself into recent and upcoming events in your lifetime? Do you feel tired of spending sleepless nights and worrying about current troubles? Phone divines are awake and available…
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