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You Charge What For Spiritual Awakening? Enlightenment Costs More?!
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Now, broke folks like myself understand better than anybody that we all have to find our own, unique ways to make our money; but, I am somewhat against charging people money (especially in insane amounts) to help them realize the spiritual potential that I believe is inherently within them. This sentiment I have isn't aimed atpeople who simply write unique self-help books, design their own oracle cards to sell or people who provideservices for naturopathic/homeopathic healing; these are special niches that soul-seekers can't always fulfill for themselves because of lack of knowledge, money, or personal experience. I'm peeved specifically with people who charge exorbitant prices for things people can cheaply learn to do themselves such as divination readings, making positive affirmations, interpreting religious texts, and making dream journals.

It seems that there are many people out there who still have this inferiority complex when it comes to how they perceive spiritual gurus, clergymen, diviners/seers/sages, and so-called psychics; many people think only certain folks are called to have direct connection with God or whatever you want to call that all-pervading Force. Many folks still believe that reading tarot cards, constructing astrology charts, and preaching are "gifts" of which we simple peons were denied, so we gotta listen to the "blessed" for healing our ailments and woes.

What people don't think about is that these people who say "Oh, you gotta pay 'this much' for me to help you, honey" have often appointed themselves as special children of God! People would rather not believe that there are folks out there who will designate and certify themselves as knowledgeable about matters of spirit just to hustle somebody out of some money.

Think about some of these examples. The "psychics" who have all these predatory networks and call-in centers had to learn the terminology, archetypes, and meanings behind different oracle cards before they become skilled at doing readings. Do you know that card readings are nothing more than somebody putting their energy on a deck of cards, and shuffling for a randomized, possible and most likely (not predictive) set of results? Surely if you can type in your credit card number for these folks and tell them what's wrong in your life, can't you also buy your own kit of divining cards and tools, read the booklets, research divination on the internet, and give yourself a reading? I've seen some different sets of runes, cards, and astrology software that cost as little as $20 as a one-time-only price.

What about people who sell spiritual growth programs and psychic power kits upwards of $100 because they tell you that their $30 book isn't enough for best results? Does it ever cross your mind to see what they're selling and find out if you can find their information for free on the internet? You'd be surprised at how many people have their own websites that teach for free the same self-help principles that somebody's charging to teach you.

I also am against religious and pagan clergymen who receive so much money from their members and guests that they treat their divine calling as a single career! This may not always be the case with some places of worship, but it is pretty disparaging to see a preacher in a Cadillac when some of that money came from people with no cars and decrepid homes; I have heard of people working more than one job who will selflessly give their paycheck to a person who reads straight out of the Bible on Sunday; can't you fellowship with people in your home and read it together? Can't you give donations to people in need yourself instead of wondering if the church money is being used that way? I don't know about you, but I'd be a fool to completely empty my pocketsfor an ordinary person to flip some cards over for me or sell me the magic "secret" to spiritual transformation!

If one is truly an awakened soul who wants to help others wake up along with him or her, then they will fulfill that want without even thinking of charging anyone money for that help. Being a deist, I believe The All is not biased, unperturbed, and does not intervene about these things, but with all the esoteric swindlers and heavenly hustlers in the world, how does He/She/It feel about not getting any royalties or commissions from all these people?

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