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How To Choose The Right Airsoft Sniper Rifle
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How to Choose the Right Airsoft Sniper Rifle

There are many factors to consider when deciding what airsoft sniper rifle to choose. Let's go through them:

1) Bolt action rifles versus semi-automatic rifles

Bolt action rifles certainly have the "real feel" and look badass, but Its up to you if you prefer stylish realistic looks to the functionality. Real bolt action rifles usually excel in range (some have eve 2000m range) and reliability, airsoft characteristics do not really let this awesome feature to happen as the effective range according to usual rifle power is around 150-200 feet. So at the end of the day you might find yourself overwhelmed by the fact that it takes too long to reload and it is not always easy to land a perfect shot. Opposite case, semi automatic rifles let you correct your mistakes, many of them even 500 hundred times in a row :D, but the realistic looks are a bit harder to achieve and sometimes the upgrade possibilities and actual retail price can change your decision pretty quick. This would get us to the second part.

2) Spring versus electric versus gas airsoft sniper rifles

As mentioned above there are pros and cons to every of the three types of action mechanisms. I decided to summarize it a bit

Spring powered airsoft sniper rifles:

The spring mechanism is reliable and quiet, you have to work a bit with every reloading process, but the pros will pay off. It does not cost anything to run them. Often there are many easy and cheap ways to upgrade/maintain your rifle and I would definitely recommend this to gun nuts who do not have hundreds of dollars to spare on expensive upgrades and AEG parts.

Electric airsoft sniper rifles:

Biggest pro for AEG rifles is the rate of fire. It most likely won't be the best choice if you prefer the silent hunter style because they can be loud as hell and the retail price often isn't a friend either. But if you prefer more action play style, the "long range team shooter" role, this would be the best choice. Also running AEG sniper rifles cost a little electricity to recharge the battery.

Gas powered airsoft sniper rifles:

Gas rifles are the kings of realistic looks. Many of them are blow back versions and they look very real when firing. The firing mechanism is pretty simple and you can influence the fps output with different gas types (green gas, red gas, some are CO2). Cons for this guns are the fact that you have to carry a gas tank with you (and its the most expensive running of those 3 types) and that the firing consistency gets worse with decreasing temperature. Some of those don't work under 5 celsius degrees.

I hope this can help to the future airsoft snipers to pick the right gun and enjoy the adrenaline of a sniper role!

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what is better a sniper with a hole at the end or one with no hole

  about 1 decade ago
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