Step Family Vs Blended Family - Col:3:3
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Step Family Vs Blended Family   -   Col:3:3

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage

As we continue with our understanding of the legality, benefits, as well as biblical views of a “blended family, I am compelled to elaborate on marriage, divorce and remarriage especially as it relates to remarriage.

Research indicate that most blended families are made up of at least one partner who has children and enter into marriage with someone other than the biological parents. This status derives from things such as divorce, death and never married individuals who decide to make a life still with someone involved.

We discovered that most blended families are bi products of people who have experience one of the above experiences and status we mentioned for one reason or another. However, I have learned and observed that many religious, organizational setting forbid a person to remarry without living in sin and I personally do not agree with this misconception.

How can we ask a person to stay under the headship of domestic violence, sexual abuse, mental abuse, neglect and even death because of your theology? There is a danger in such theory and taking things out of context out of the bible will not help this situation at all. We have determined that blended families have been since the beginning and most modern day marriage are made up of blended families.

• Situational Ethics- to hold this view as well as enforce this on mankind is a great injustice and with no biblical foundation at all. Situation Ethics is when morals problems cannot be solved with reference to the context in which they arise.

Based on “situational ethics” and other scripture I cannot be a teaching of the same. In other words I do not, will not play situational ethics when it involves people lives and their future. I will not sit folks up to fail knowing that “celibacy” is a gift and not many have the gift that Paul professes in chapter seven of first Corinthians.

• Colossians 3:3- is just one of the many scripture I look at to support my argument. But to some, a part of your life is hidden when you are in Christ and that is not at all consistent with scripture. Either my “entire life” is hidden or none but we cannot have both is what I contend and maintain. We must be consistent with scripture and not use it out of context to bring judgment upon our fellow man. Please do not run with this text along because it is tied with many more to stay on point.

If you are contemplating marrying again, please do not allow false teaching to cause you to feel guilty while those that try to keep the laws in most cases are committing sin by trying to live out something that God never intended. “God look at man, and thought man was lonely and decided to create a helpmeet. Relationships are of God! I rest my case…for Now!!

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