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A couple of years ago I used to have a subscription to Kipplingers magazine.

Kipplingers was and I say was because I don't know if it is still in circulation, a magazine that would update you on current stocks and mutual funds they would let you know whats hot and whats not.

You see at that time which was about 6 years ago but even now(as you can see I never pulled the trigger) I wanted to get into the stock market.

I wanted to learn how to get information on companies study them and make a conscious decision based on the facts surrounding that company and then buy and sell as the market went up and down.

I can not remember how or why I had started this certain subscription but I did and they were coming. I would get a copy of the magazine I think once a month if I'm not mistaken.

It was very good reading, I enjoyed the articles and I obtained knowledge on a lot of things I would otherwise not been informed on.

I started making a list of all the stocks that I thought would be good buys or let me say I started making a list of all the stocks that I felt good about. I felt good about stocks that helped change the world, that made life easier or that we could not do with out.

These were the stocks that stuck out to me and these were the stocks that I felt would withstand the long haul. Even though I did not have any money to invest I wrote these stocks down and put them away for safe keeping. You never know when you may run into a couple of extra bucks!

Now I'm going back about 6 years so my memory is some what cloudy but of the many stocks and mutual funds that I wrote down ( and I do need to look for the paper that I wrote all this down on, I know its in this house somewhere) the 2 that stick out are.

A company called Quickcretete I can not recall their stock symbol but I liked them because I knew or thought that building in america or the world for that matter could not just slow down forever. The economy would sometime pick up and when it did building in America would start to move forward and to build you need concrete!!!! Hence Quickcrete!

The other stock that I was very interested in was with a company that manufactured the battery for the i pod. The i pod device at that time was fairly new but it was building momentum as everybody could see so I thought this would be a great company to buy into. At that time the i phone was not even out yet so just imagine if I had some money to play with.

Both of these stocks picks may have earned me some serious cash if I had cash to play with. So I leave you with this "IT TAKES MONEY TO MAKE MONEY" and if you have a good feeling about something" GO FOR IT"

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