Swiss Billionaires Business Office Addresses By Advisor BEN Campbell
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Switzerland is not only "super-secret about everything, it is also the center of the economy of the world. Switzerland now has more than $2.5 QUADRILLION in assets. And, most of that is controlled by a group of about 201 SWISS BILLIONAIRES.


SWISS BANKERS when they want "contact information" for SWISS BILLIONAIRES they make reference to the BEN CAMPBELL "SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST" [9th ANNUAL EDITION]. The 2016 EDITION has the names of 201 SWISS BILLIONAIRES. Everyone who is someone in SWITZERLAND. The business reference also lists the "office addresses", "business telephone numbers", and "FAX numbers" of the 201 SWISS BILLIONAIRES. SWISS BANKERS use this information to scout for and secure NEW BANKING CLIENTS who are SWISS BILLIONAIRES. There are more than 12,000 banks in Switzerland. And, nearly every big bank in the world has at least one office in Switzerland, but, many have a half-dozen offices in Switzerland. Nearly every SWISS BILLIONAIRE owns at least one bank and some own dozens of banks.

UBS - $1.5 QUADRILLION (assets)

UBS - UNION BANK OF SWITZERLAND( SWITZERLAND'S largest bank) is said to own more than 200 different BANK NAMES and has over 4,000 branches just in Switzerland. Most SWISS BILLIONAIRES have at least one UBS BANK ACCOUNT, so, when doing business with SWISS BILLIONAIRES, expect the SWISS BILLIONAIRE to suggest UBS as being the "official bank" they do business with. UBS is said to have subsidiaries and assets in its possession that is worth more than $1.5 QUADRILLION. UBS owns part of CME, NYSE, LSX, ACH, NACHA, DTCC, and other very large corporations. This is all owned by SWISS BILLIONAIRES. The very same SWISS BILLIONAIRES "named" in the BEN CAMPBELL "SWISS BILLIONAIRES LIST" [9th ANNUAL EDITION] (2016).


Many SWISS BILLIONAIRES have interest in investment in the UNITED STATES, but, they don't know a lot about the United States. They need someone to guide them through the maze of WALL STREET. You could be that person. You could first secure a SWISS BILLIONAIRE CLIENT that needs information about "acquisition opportunities" in the United States. That SWISS BILLIONAIRE may need information, information not readily available or he has no idea as to where to get information about what he needs to know about. You could be the person who is responsible for locating that information, then, conveying that information to the SWISS BILLIONAIRES.


BEN CAMPBELL is available to consult corporate executives about SWISS BILLIONAIRES, the business practices of SWISS BILLIONAIRES, and their "secret" financial positions.


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