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Four Ways To Use 10x14 Shed Plans
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Different sized shed plans lend themselves to different uses. And while it is true that you can force a square peg into a round hole when it comes to using your shed it always helps to have a shed size that fits the purpose you are using it for. For instance, using a 6x8 shed as a home office is possible but most likely not the optimal size, especially if you want to have visitors. The 10x14 shed plans size is a very versatile sized shed that allows most of the functions typically associated with using a shed.


At first it seems like a no brainer to use the 10x14 as a storage shed. But upon closer inspection you will find that the 10x14 shed is well suited for a mix of storage problems. There are several types of storage, large things and small things. The 10x14 size makes it easy to store both large and small items. 10 feet wide is just wide enough to store large tools like riding lawn mowers and 4 wheelers while the longer length of the 14 foot dimension of the shed allows storage of smaller items on the end that does not have the large items that need to be close to the entry door.

Home Office

Using a backyard shed as a home office is a great way to have a home office and keep yourself out of the busy traffic in the house while at the same time having a professional space that you can comfortably bring clients to. The 10x14 shed plan works well to give enough space for a desk and a couple of chairs for visitors. With its longer length there is typically plenty of room for office equipment like printers and fax machines.

Run In Sheds

There are several benefits to using a 10x14 run in shed plan to protect your livestock. The 10x14 run in shed is likely the smallest you will want to build for housing more than one horse, depending on the size of the horse. Run in sheds are often equipped with hooks to allow them to be dragged around the field to be repositioned in a new field as the seasons change. The 10x14 is still small enough to allow it to be moved in this manner.


If you are interested in building a workshop, the 10x14 shed plan is a perfect size. At 10 feet wide it allows you to build a workbench on one or both of the 14 foot walls and still have plenty of space to move and work between them. If there is a 2' deep workbench on both of the long walls you will still have 6 feet of space between them. This space can be used to store large items when you are not in the shed and give you ample area to work on things that need to sit on the floor. By installing double doors on the 10 foot end you will be able to move larger equipment in and out of the shed easily.

So whatever your needs the 10x14 shed plans will most likely be able to satisfy them. The hardest part will be deciding what color to paint it.

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