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Shed Plans 8x8: Building From The Ground Up
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Shed Plans 8x8: Building From the Ground Up

Building a quality structure from a good set of shed plans 8x8 starts from the ground up. It is exciting to envision the final product, but no matter how good it looks, a shed is really only as good as the foundation on which it sits. Here is how to set a foundation using a cement blocks and a few common building materials.

Step One: Frame It

Begin by marking the location of the shed in the yard. An 8x8 shed is small enough that a mobile frame is easy to build to provide an obvious visual marker. Inexpensive and lightweight pine boards only ¾ inch thick are great materials to use when constructing a frame.

Simply hold the frame square by using wood screws at each corner. Add a diagonal brace for extra strength. If a pine frame is not an option, staking the four corners of the plot and then stringing a piece of twine between the posts also works just fine.

This step will help you visualize what areas need to be cleared of vegetation or debris and then leveled. In addition, it is much easier to move a frame than to have second thoughts once construction on the shed begins.

Step Two: Lay It

Set a level foundation with stone and cement blocks. When digging a hole in which to set the blocks, leave two to three inches of space to allow for stone. Using crushed stone between the earth and the cement creates a stable base for the block.

For most climates, it will be necessary to dig down to the frost line. This information is available from the local building inspector, so check with their office for local requirements. Regardless of the depth, plan to leave at least three inches of the block exposed above the ground.

After the first block is laid and level, move on to the next corner. A 2x4 serves as a good tool with which to check the height from block to block. Simply place a level on top of the 2x4 once its ends rest on each block, and then adjust the height of the blocks by digging or laying more stone as needed.

Step Three: Finish It

Now that the foundation is set, it is time to start the floor. Stock 2x6 boards placed every 16 inches is recommended. Joist hangers, typically 1 ½ inch, are also required to hang the joists within the frame.

For this step, use only pressure treated lumber as it resists moisture and prevents against premature wood rot. A good rule of thumb to remember when building a frame on which to place the floor decking is to compare measurements taken on the diagonal. This will ensure the frame remains square.

Plywood of ¾ inch thickness is recommended for the floor decking. It is best held in place with 8d nails hammered into the floor every six inches. After that, it is on to the walls and roof to transform shed plans 8x8 into a functional building.

Building a shed does not have to be hard especially when you use good 8x8 shed building plans.

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