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Updating Your Large Shed Plans To Include A Shed Garage Door
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Updating Your Large Shed Plans to Include A Shed Garage Door

One of the most popular additions to large shed plans it to add a shed garage door. A large door opening on your storage shed will all you to store larger equipment like snow mobiles and go carts without scratching the sides of the shed doorway when entering and exiting the shed. A second benefit to opening up one of the shed walls it the ability to use the area in front of the shed as a work area and have the shed as a huge tool box. For instance if you need to use your table saw you will be able to easily move it out of the shed and cut large pieces of wood without hitting the shed walls. Shed garage doors typically require that there be about 12 inches on each side of the door and a header installed above the door. Keep reading to find out more about shed garage door types, how to size the header beam and some simple installation tips.

Shed Garage Door Types

Most large shed builders install one of two garage doors, the overhead panel or the roll up. A roll up door rolls up into a coil just above the door opening. These doors are not easily hooked up to a garage door opener and cannot be insulated. The panel style door is made up of 4 panels that can be insulated. These panels ride on a track and slide up out of the way running parallel to the ceiling. The panel overhead door is most common because of its good looks, ability to be insulated and have a opener installed on it. The only down side to this door is that it takes up space close to the ceiling when in the open position, reducing storage capacity if you like to hang things from the ceiling of your large storage shed.

How to Size the Header Beam

A header is a structural beam that holds up the roof above the shed door. If you are modifying your large shed plans to include a shed garage door then you will need to properly size the beam to make sure it is safe. The best way to do this is to contact your favorite lumber yard and ask them about how they size the beams they sell. Most often they call the beam supplier and speak with the engineering department. You can call any of the beam companies service departments and ask them yourself. They will want to see your large shed plans so they give you an accurate size. You will need to email them your large shed plans. Once you have the beam properly sized you can purchase the beam from the lumber yard.

Installation Tips

You will need to frame the shed wall with the new opening in it and then install the door behind the opening. The beam is installed with a trimmer on each end to hold up the beam, just like any other opening on the large shed walls. The opening should be the exact same size as the door size since the door is installed behind the door opening and rolls up and down on the wall behind the opening there is usually a gap that needs to be covered. Installing a 2x6 or 2x4 as a trim board around the opening covers this gap and gives the installation a nice finished look.

As you can see modifying your large shed plans is not as hard as you may think. Take the project one step at a time and consult all your available free resources such as your lumber salesman, the beam manufacturers engineering department to get all the information you need before modifying your 12x16 shed. As you may have guessed you can install the door on a smaller shed, there just needs to be enough room for the door when it rolls up on the inside.

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