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Which Are The Best Roofing Options When Buying A New Concrete Garage In The Uk?
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Which Are the Best Roofing Options When Buying A New Concrete Garage In the Uk?

There are several important decisions to make when you start to think about buying a new concrete garage and choosing the most suitable type of roofing material is one of those decisions.

There are several types of roofs available that allow you to tailor your roof to the style of your garage or requirements and these include:

Corrugated Fibre Cement Roof Sheet

The maintenance free sheets are extremely robust, very durable, can cope with extreme weather, are not combustible and are rust proof. The cement roof sheets can also breath, reducing moisture within the garage which minimises the risk of any condensation arising.

Today this type of roofing is used as a replacement for asbestos sheeting as it is safer and a more cost effective option as well as needing no maintenance.

Roof sheets can also be supplied in a wide range of colours, to match the wall finish you have chosen, the roofline products, the guttering, your home windows and doors and the wider surroundings.

Box profile plastic coated steel sheets

Plastic Coated Steel Box Profile Sheets are used as cost effective ad durable option for concrete garages.

Box profile represents the shaping of the sheet and the Galvanised Steel Sheets are plastic coated and come in a selection of colours and there are a range of options available including anti-condensation underlay, insulation and additional lighting in the form of dome roof lights.

Tile effect plastic coated (coloured) steel sheets

Tile effect roofing sheets offer a strong, lightweight and cost effective option that provides an attractive finish to concrete garage roofs and maintains the durability of steel.

Tile effect roofing sheets are manufactured and cut to customers specific requirements and are available in a range of colours and can be supplied with anti-condensation underlay.

Real concrete roof tiles

Real concrete roofing tiles are ideal if you want your garage roof to match your house roof.

They are available in many different shapes, sizes and colours and are highly durable The installation methods allows it to be placed on most surfaces including those that are almost vertical.

Translucent roof sheet

Translucent roofing sheets can be used instead of standard roof sheets when you do not require a window in your concrete garage as they provide a useful function by allowing natural light to enter the building, as well as providing extra protection against high winds and heavy rainfall.

This type of roofing material is very tough and is a cost-effective sheet for concrete garages.

There are many types of roofing for your new concrete garage and everybody will have their own requirements, properties and budgets. Therefore before you commit to buying a concrete garage make sure you have discussed all the possible roofing options with a trustworthy, experienced and reputable concrete garage manufacturer.

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