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Importance Of Goal Settings
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Importance Of Goal Settings

Every year between Christmas and New Year's Eve I sit down and set my goals. I have a special exercise book that I use to do this. Then a few times during the year I revise and change these goals if I think it is necessary.

I started to do this consciously when I started my MLM business.. At the beginning I had serious problem with listing my goals. I could not even list 10 things. I just kept doing this and write down the first thing that came in my mind and of course, like with everything you keep doing, I got better at it.

I was the type of kid who knew exactly what she wanted to do as long as I remember. I wanted to become a professional musician, a conductor. I wanted to travel the world with music. I did not have to write it down, I did not have to list it, I did not have to think about. It was in my blood, I was breathing it in like oxygen. I have never wanted to do anything else in my life since the age of 4. It was clear as a sky.

I studied in a special music school for twelve years where music was normal part of school activity. I did music every day in class, studied an instrument and sang in choirs. Music was something I just did every day. I was good at it. I loved it and I wanted to live that life. I have put everything in place without even thinking about it to achieve this goal. Never for a moment I had any doubt that I do it and achieve it. It was not a goal for me, it was already a lifestyle, a reality.

The path was straight from high school to the Academy of Music. My parents supported me in every possible way, possibly well beyond their capability considering finances. However, I worked hard and I did my best. I spent every night in the opera or attending concerts. I was surrounded by people during my whole primary, high school and university years, who loved music just as much as I did. It was natural.

Then in the last year of Music Academy, I was offered a position to come back to teach at my old school. Again, the path was simple and clear. Almost too simple and too clear. After ten years of working and being on the top of the world professionally and still being very young, I realized that there must be more to life. There must be more to try, to test yourself, to achieve. I have already traveled and seen the world as part of my choir life and performing, teaching career.

I started to put things in place to leave the country and study in the USA or Canada. Then an unexpected opportunity came up to work in Australia. First time the offer was not good enough so I did not accept it. However, second time I could not resist it and I decided to leave and move to Australia for the offered position. With that, my real life challenges and a period of huge growth started. This is what I wanted to experience! Being pushed and pulled, twisted and tortured, given wings and halo to test my resilience and strength.

Why I detailed my life story to you is to see how easily or seemingly easily things came to me in my life. The point of this that in my head I very clearly was planning things all the time then acted on them to make them happen. This is how I lived most of my life.

Then, at the age of 40 something I realized that I achieved all the things that I have dreamed of. Suddenly, I was standing there without any major goal in front of me.

That is when I decided to set things up and plan my life for the next 50 years. It became obvious to me that it is an incredible opportunity to do new things, to learn new skills, to test and try myself. To start a creative path and get into business even more seriously. I had nothing to loose, I had nothing to prove because I already achieved what I dreamed of as a child, to become a successful professional musician and travel the world as a musician, even live abroad if it comes to that. Tick, tick, tick!

This new planning was not easy. I already had and did most of the things the majority of people can only dream about.

However, I took it seriously, and I started to list ridiculously little and stupidly big things. I remember, it was 2006 when I was working in Townsville, in a medium sized tropical town where I was contracted to build a 12-year music program. Twelve-year classroom teaching, choirs, orchestras, band, you name it, I was doing it. Hot and humid place but there was something truly charming about it. Nice people and great kids. I had a great house that I rented and every weekend I was swimming and snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef or traveling at some places of this tropical paradise.

I was working full time and building my MLM business. I decided to make a visual dream board that was sitting on my study desk at home. I remember that there were some serious goals on my board like moving back to Melbourne, getting a new job, buying a new VW, visiting my mum and my brother in Hungary and spending some time in Finland and Singapore and so on. It was an extremely busy year.

2008 found me back in Melbourne just as I planned. I was so busy that I have not touched my goal setting exercise book for while. Then I found it and flicked the pages to see the previous years. When I found my goals from 2006 I could not believe my eyes. I grabbed a pencil and started ticking my list. I started to cry because almost everything I manged to put into place and achieve them one by one. It was a truly touching and humbling experience of my life.

If you have a strong mind and will, just dream up your life and swing into action. If you don't, do what I did. Write down a long list of things small and big that you want to accomplish. When you get them writing down, watch out, because now you are likely to achieve them.

By writing them down you invited them into your life and gave them energy.

Next time I will give you some more tips on how to set goals and realize your dreams.

Cheers, Piroska

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Anna Ware  

Thank you so much for charing. You are pure prof that LOA works and is real. Sounds like you've been doing it since you where little but you weren't aware of it, it was natural to you and you had your parents to support this. You have a truly amazing and well deserved life that you yourself have created. Thank you for showing the world the possibilities that lies within.

  about 9 years ago

If people realized what can be achieved by 'dreaming' and setting goals :)

  about 9 years ago
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