Will Mobile Work For Your Business In Dallas Texas?
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Will Mobile Work For Your Business In Dallas Texas?

In 2010, I was granted an opportunity to learn how mobile apps were created. At the time, mobile app development was still considered a new tech sector and there was a lot of excitement in the air at the possibilities. My involvement was to learn more about the business side of the process, how it relates to the internet and ways to spread word-of-mouth concepts out to the population, at large.

My original background was in music, both as a record label owner and brick/mortar store manager. Writing was something that I did back in high school and was more than adequate at, but not something that I chose to pursue after graduation. My logic was wanting to help my friends and while this opportunity was not in music, it was still the basic premise of helping people I knew.

The ironic twist in all of this is that the people that employ me had known that gaming was a main part of my life. Once Atari debuted in the early 80s, they had me hooked like a "big mouth bass". As a game attendant, I made change for customers, but it also gave me access to play all of the games, right when they were released.

All versions of Pacman and Donkey Kong, as well as Galaga, Defender, Robotron, Tempest, Battle Zone and more pinball machines than I care to recount. As Atari was surpassed by Nintendo, I flocked over to most of the Super Mario Brothers incarnations. After the Yoshi era of gaming, I began to lose interest. The concept of the 360% game controllers and multi-directional view options on the new joysticks was just something that overtook my brain and prevented me from getting into the XBox and other consoles like it.

Evolution of the gaming console spread to mobile cellphones and I jumped right back into the thick of things. Many might not know this, but in Dallas Texas, an influx of mobile app development companies were sprouting up like weeds and a new tech sector was emerging.

As I was introduced to some of the game developers, my "boot camp" had begun. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the power of Google, Link Wheels and the differences between premium content versus spun content were explained.

It seems that black hat techniques are slow to disappear and the importance of avoiding things like keyword stuffing, link baiting and being spammy were repeatedly introduced. There's a million ways to get into trouble with Google and if you want to get your website blacklisted or mobile app de-indexed from the Apple Store, black hat action is the quickest path to ejection and it's just not pretty.

Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the one thing that I can say is that we do things slow and with purpose. I currently live in Pasadena, California and out here it's "go, go, go, go" without much rhyme or reason. The pace is extremely fast and if you blink, you'll be left behind in the dust.

All sorts of businesses are entering the digital age. At this point of the revolution, it's pretty much a given that your business should have some sort of mobile presence. Laptops continue to get smaller, while cellphones are gaining in size and capacity. Being able to relay information to your customers that are on-the-go can be a very big part of how a profit is shown.

In Dallas, Texas, like many other cities in the Southwest, businesses are slowly starting to catch on and look for ways to get their corporate presence on mobile devices at a reasonable cost. If the proverbial cards are played right, going mobile can be a business strategy that reduces delays, enhances each employee's overall work rate and creates an extra way of communicating a sales event.

If you plan to have a mobile app for your business in Dallas, Texas, you will need to set up some criterion for what you want out of the process and which firm is right for your needs.

How Fast Do You Need To Be On Mobile Devices?

The amount of features you want your mobile app to display could have a direct impact on the amount of time it takes for the developers to create your masterpiece. Generally speaking, the more time you can allow the developers to do their job, the better your overall product shall be. In turn, you'll have a higher rate of satisfaction and hopefully recommend the company to other businesses.

Functionality is an important component and the user interface needs to be easy-to-comprehend and make complete sense, when in use. The more things you want your app to accomplish will determine how long it takes to make a customized user interface that relays your information to the consumer in a way they will comprehend and appreciate.

Always remember that money is directly tied into just about every decision you make with the mobile app development team. If you feel strongly that your company should enter the mobile arena, you will need to set aside a decent budget to make it a reality. After all, this app will be promoting your brand and be the first impression that new people have of your business. Launching the app with your best foot forward is not something to be taken lightly and should not just be thrown together or done on the dirt cheap. If you are not committed to setting aside or parting ways with at least a five digit budget, consider waiting until you've amassed that amount or maybe not jump into the arena at all.

Businesses that are looking for developers that will put your application together "on the cheap" are not only doing themselves a disservice, they are also tainting their global image and leaving a bad taste in their mouth towards current and future customers. This needs to be done properly and given serious consideration.

How Many Developers Live In Your Area?

A mobile app does not necessarily have to be developed by people that live in your hometown. Even if you live in a burgeoning city like Los Angeles or New York City, do not feel like you have to stick to that area, in order to find an amazing development team that can get the job done at a reasonable price. In most cases, developers in major cities have to charge more than their smaller-town counterparts because the cost of doing business in those towns is so much more astronomical. Cost of living has a direct impact on pricing.

One of the reasons that mobile app development and technology, in general, is thriving in Dallas, Texas is because the city councilors and leaders are encouraging its growth by offering tax incentives and different rebates to attract the brightest minds to Big D.

There are definitely pros and cons to hiring a mobile app developer in your local market. Some of the pros to this notion include :

  • You will be keeping your investment dollars in your town.

  • The ability to meet the developers in person is greater, if they are nearby.

  • If you have an emergency scenario, you can meet them at their office.

  • By hiring local, it's a talking point you can have with people that inquire about your app.

Before you make a decision on the firm you will hire to create your online mobile presence, consider looking at their portfolio and overall body of work. If you look at their logo creation and other screenshots, you should appreciate their graphic capabilities. If you look at their designs and are indifferent or unimpressed, chances are great that these people will not be an ideal fit. Granted, they might have a good nature about them or be easy to work with, but at the end of the day, your customers are going to visually see your brand on their smartphone or device and have a first impression. That first impression should be something you feel, when considering who you are going to be spending a major chunk of your budget on. You want to feel good about the decisions you make and enjoying previous artwork or user interfaces on other apps is a part of this process.

Another wise thing to consider is finding out other companies that have hired your potential mobile app team and reach out to them, independently. Ask them questions about their experience with the company. You want to feel good about their reputation and perform some basic due dilligence before parting with the money. Positive feedback from their previous customers can go a long way towards fulfilling your basic needs about who you should hire for this project.

How Long Will The App Take To Develop?

If your company has a hard and fast deadline approaching, the bottom line will be effected because this job will be considered a priority. Do not expect to hire a small firm to knock out your masterpiece in a short window of just a few months. If you need that sort of job fulfillment, consider hiring a larger firm that has dozens of employees and/or developers that can tackle your challenges in the timeframe you need. Remember that the more people involved on your project, the more money you will need to fork over to get the job accomplished. Some business have no problem with this concept, while small-to-mid-sized businesses have been known to struggle. There is no wrong way to approach this process, but it's better to not be assumptive during the initial negotiations. Developers are busy creating projects and don't really have a large amount of time to haggle on prices too much. It never hurts to try, just don't go into the negotiations with unrealistic expectations.

The longer window of time you can grant to the developers, the more friendly it will be on your wallet. Much like life, having to rush through things is uncomfortable and things can get overlooked. Taking one's time and having that extra space to be methodical can work out last-minute bugs and save your company from major headaches. Beta Testing is an important phase of the process and having plenty of opportunities to "play" with the app can only serve to make it better.

If This Should Happen, Run To The Hills

There are many different types of mobile app development firms. This holds especially true if you are hiring firms in Dallas, Texas. On your initial first few meetings, if the developer is unable to give you a formulated strategy on how they will complete the daunting task of creating your mobile app, you might consider not hiring them.

A mobile app is a lengthy process that has several components. If your potential designers are flying by the seat of their pants and just giving you roundabout details about how the project will be completed, they aren't taking their jobs seriously and you should not hire them.

If your mobile app development team is not offering : Innovation Workshops, Brainstorming and Ideation Sessions, Process Flow Development, Joint Design Sessions, Task Optimization, Concept Sketches, Iterative Modeling, Low/High Fidelity Prototypes and Test Design, look somewhere else. These are just a few of the basic phases and some of the terminology that you should be hearing often.

Don't misunderstand what I am saying. Hiring a smaller-sized mobile app development team is definitely possible, but only if they have their act together. There should be a handful of questions you ask yourself, when looking for that right hire.

How many employees does this firm have? How many developers will be putting together my app? Are they able to answer all of my questions or do they need to get back to me on some of the answers? Do I feel confident that they can complete the job? Do they make me feel comfortable by breaking down the steps to the process? Are they communicating with me effectively? Is this process going to be a collaboration or a dictatorship? Will I even have a say in some of the design or functionality aspects?

After your initial first meeting or two with the prospective developers, you should feel excited and ready to tackle the project. If these tech wizards leave you skiddish or uncertain, it's not the right fit. We're talking about a potential budget of anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000. You better be confident about these guys and they better have answered all of the questions you have to your satisfaction. Why settle for anything less?

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