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3 Effective Ways Of Dealing With Stress In A Fast Paced World
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3 Effective Ways Of Dealing With Stress In A Fast Paced World

Mankind is continually advancing and seeking new and innovative ways to improve the lives of people through new technology. This new technology and better understanding of things has lead to people enjoying longer and better yet not necessarily healthier lives!

The truth is that although we have all this technology and all these mod cons that do the thinking for us, life has become more stressful than ever. We're in a "system" which for many entails working extremely hard to provide for their families and loved ones.

Do you ever get that feeling that there's just never enough hours in the day? Of course you do, there's much to contend with and get done. In the fast paced world we live in it's easy to become consumed by work, chores, family commitments and so on..

That's why it's important to take stock and be more appreciative of the important things in life and not the material things many of us have become so reliant upon! The following are three effective ways of dealing with stress that you should take into consideration so as not to get bogged down by modern day life.

Allow Time For YOU!

Many people become so consumed by life that they're constantly on edge, feeling like they need to be doing something productive, even in their spare hours. However it's important to let go of this mental restraint and allow time to focus on the important things in life, starting with YOU. Family is important to and one thing I see a lot in people is not spending enough time with their loved ones. Even outside of office hours they carry their work around in their head, never really shutting off and unwinding.

Allow yourself time to focus on the most important things in your life which starts with you and your family. It's known that people who spend more time with their families and away from the daily grind are generally less stressed than those who don't. Of course work is important but leave your work at the office at the end of each working day, it will still be waiting you for the next day when you return to work.

This really is one of the most simplest yet effective ways of dealing with stress. Don't let time pass you by because you're consumed by your own life! Take stock, make new commitments, the world wont come to an end just because you allow time for the important things that matter.

Focus On Your Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude is another extremely effective way of dealing with stress and has countless other benefits as well. Regardless of the pressure you're under you can choose to maintain a positive attitude, it's your right to be positive so exercise that right! There will be times where you face extremely negative experiences which will damage your ability to remain positive but just be mindful of it. Getting worked up and stressed out doesn't resolve the situation, in fact it makes it worse!

You owe it to yourself and those close to you be a positive person. Don't allow negativity to consume you, this will only cause stress and anxiety. Keep working on your attitude everyday, overtime your positivity will become habitual and you'll naturally lower your stress levels and remain calm and focused even in the most demanding and stressful situations.

Finding Balance

Finding the right balance, as much as focusing on yourself and your family you can always improve upon keeping up with the daily challenges you face. Start by making a list of what could be regarded as "problematic" areas in your life.

What's dragging you down? What's making you feel pressured and stressed?

Once you identify these areas brainstorm a few ways of dealing with them and managing them more effectively. Prioritize them in order of importance and how much they're affecting your levels of stress.

For instance, you may be struggling to keep up with your tasks in the workplace, if so identify the key areas you feel you're struggling with. Then ask yourself "what can I do to fix this". Perhaps you could re-arrange your schedule or delegate some tasks. Take some to think about it and focus on dealing with work related stress by improving these key areas.

Those are just a few ways of dealing with stress. The most important thing is to identify the causes, then work towards viable solutions.

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That's a really interesting article, and yes we do often become to consumed by daily life and never really stop to focus on the important tings in life. Got me thinking that, thanks EM.

  about 9 years ago
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