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3 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety
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3 Natural Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Do you feel stressed and anxious on a daily basis? Does it seem like being stressed out has become a way of life?

You wouldn't be the only one! I myself used to suffer with stress and anxiety all the time due to a high demanding job that involved handling huge sums of money for companies. I could never switch off from work even in my leisurely hours.

You see stress and anxiety is almost unavoidable, in fact the only way to eliminate it would be to rid yourself of all your assets and live off the land. Sounds far-fetched I know but you didn't see our ancestors before us queuing up at the doctors for prescriptions!

Although it's slightly off topic you should watch the film "into the wild". It's based on a true story of a guy who got sick of modern day living so gave all his money to the Oxfam charity and lived off the land. It's really moving and opens your mind to just how much modern day living has enslaved us.

So anyway, life as we know it has become complicated, it's extremely demanding and many work extremely hard in order to provide for their nearest and dearest. This means stress and anxiety is extremely common and many have to cope with stress on a daily basis.

However just because stress is near unavoidable doesn't mean we have to let it rule our lives. How you cope with stress is what matters which is why we'll discuss some simple and natural techniques for relieving stress and anxiety.


Exercise is extremely effective for relieving stress and anxiety. It helps to rid the mind of worry and release any built up tension in the body. Stress can cause you to feel extremely frustrated and agitated and there's no better way to release that pent up energy and channel that frustration than to engage in some physical activity.

Note: Exercising doesn't have to entail a strenuous session in the gym or a three mile sprint! If you're feeling stressed and anxious then a simple walk around the block can help to relieve you of your anxieties.


Maintaining a stable diet and ensuring the body gets the proper nutrition it needs is another effective and natural way to lower your stress levels. If you don't maintain a proper diet then you're going to feel sluggish and fatigued and wont be able to operate at peek performance.

With the fast paced world we live in it's all to easy to snack on unhealthy products due to time constraints. Fast food is called fast food for a reason - because it's served up quickly! It's convenience but not necessarily the best option as it can affect your performance at work and in between work hours.

Making small changes to your diet can have a big impact for relieving stress and anxiety. Try cutting out sugary, fatty and processed snacks and replacing them with healthier alternatives such as;

* Replacing sugary drinks and sodas with water and natural fruit juices

* Replacing snacks such as chocolate with fruits, nuts and even seeds

* Avoid junk foods like the plague!

* Instead of binging try eating little and often, fueling your body as and when required

Breathing Exercises

Here's a natural stress management technique that's extremely effective. Why is it that experts recommend hyper-ventilating to people that experience panic attacks? Because controlled breathing relaxes both the mind and body almost instantaneously!

Deep breathing helps to oxygenate the blood flow and reduces your heart rate which is often increased when you're feeling stressed and anxious. It also relaxes the muscles and helps your mind to calm down relieving you of that pent up frustration.

Whenever you're beginning to feel stressed and anxious take deep, slow breathes, really fill your lungs with air on each breathe. There's no need to go frantic just nice natural long drawn breathes will do the trick.

Start applying these three strategies regularly and you'll soon find relieving yourself of stress and anxiety gets a whole lot easier.

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