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A Simple Truth Behind Why Stress Is Rife In The Modern Day World!
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A Simple Truth Behind Why Stress Is Rife In The Modern Day World!

We seem to be living an age where more and more people are feeling the strains of life and suffering with stress. Times are hard for many and it doesn't look set to get any better for the fore-see-able future. It's actually by no coincidence we are experiencing one of the worst economic downturns in decades.

Not to go off the beaten track but the central banking system is responsible for this and affecting the lives of many. A few elite wealthy power hungry lunatics command every banking system in every country except for three. They lend money to governments and charge interest on top! This then works it way down the system where it's lent to smaller banks and eventually the people.

Interest. Interest. Interest. If you know anything about the new world order and the world bank you'll know where I'm coming from. Millions if not billions of people are indebted to this system and it's my belief that financial worries are the biggest cause of stress. I see it time and time again in people I speak to, they are working harder than anyone should have to just to break even or end up in more debt even!

So this system of lending money to make money has enslaved the vast majority of people. The poorer and middle class work extremely hard to provide for their families and loved ones. So hard in fact that they succumb to mental pressure and end up extremely stressed. Stress is a natural phenomenon, it's your minds way of saying; Hey STOP I need a time out here, a warning sign so to speak.

We have entered a new era where stress and anxiety is considered commonplace. Pharmaceuticals then of course have some over-priced wonder pill that's got just the answer to your problems! At least they say so! Prescription medication is no means to overcoming any type of mental disorder, you need to work towards identifying the root cause and taking corrective measures naturally (I speak from experience).

For woman these can particularly enduring times. Some may find there-selves single and bringing up children with no support from the father for whatever reason. They feel like they have to be everything and everywhere, holding down a part time job, being the house keeper, tending to their children and never getting that time we all need to relax and unwind.

Even youngsters are suffering with stress due to a flawed education system designed to make you believe you must get grades, go to college, go to university and work a strenuous job until your to old to enjoy the rest of your life. Where's the sense in an adolescent feeling stressed because of pressure to get grades and do well. What happened to enjoying your youth? I flunked school, couldn't stand it and yet I done better in life than most of my friends who studied at college and university!

Understand that the system we're subject to wont change any day soon. Stress will continue to remain a dominant factor in the lives of many who're struggling in the modern day world. How you manage stress though is important and just how much it affects you is by your choosing.

Stress for many is a feeling of not being in control of their own state of affairs. The question is how to reverse this and regain control. Sure you can apply certain techniques to relieve stress to help you cope with stress but if the underlying cause is still there stress will always be present.

Take a different approach as to how you "assume" stress is treated. Eastern philosophy for example has a number of different practices that can really help you free your mind from the modern day stresses and anxieties and open up your eyes to a whole new way of thinking.

Meditation for instance is one such philosophy that I practice regularly. If you had of told me three years ago I would be meditating for peace of mind I would have said you're mad. However, bear in mind that our ancestors never suffered with stress, they led simple lives. Learn from these ancient philosophies and techniques and free your mind from the restraints of modern day living.

Sometimes a fresh perspective is all we need!

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