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About Stress Management-passion And Enthusiasm
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Enthusiasm and passion are key elements in the management of stress. Knowing what you are doing, where you are going and why you are going there, are essential if you are to keep your enthusiasm and passion for what you are doing.  If you can keep passion and enthusiasm in your life, there is not much else you need to know about stress management.

Remember the times in your life when enthusiasm caused you to work extra hard, long hours, doing things that you never thought were possible. When your passion for what you were doing created incredible energy that kept your mind focused, clear and creative. You woke up fresh and excited, happy and full of energy. Because this day you were going to do something special, something meaningful and productive. That thing that makes your spirit jump, that seams to pull energy from the air.

We have all felt and experienced such a thing, but for most people it is a fleeting moment of excitement in a life filled with mediocrity and responsibility. Why didn’t it last? For at the time it felt like it would last forever.

The main reason these things don’t last is because most of us don’t have real planed goals. We have a few ideas of what we want and where we would like our lives to lead. But more often than not, these things are little more than wishes. Something that you wish would happen to you but you really don’t expect it to come true.

Most of us don’t believe we can plan for a great life. We are letting life take us where ever it will, like a mast-less sailing boat drifting on the sea going where ever the wind and currents wish. More often than not we find ourselves in a place we don’t want to be, doing things we don’t want to do.

So how do we keep ourselves full of passion and enthusiasm?

First of all define what you want. What do you want? Most people think they know what they want but you will be surprised when you really ask yourself to get specific, the mind goes blank. Most of your flimsy dreams and wishes disappear.

Get specific. Be honest. Be courageous and allow yourself to dream your dream. It doesn’t have to be huge, grandiose and spectacular. Its about what makes you happy. Let your self go there. It is hard sometimes, as simple as it seams, to be honest about what you want for yourself. But do it. Its ok. Do not think you don’t deserve it and that your not good enough.

Go there, admit it and take hold of it. Make it yours, however unbelievable it might be. Life is too short to not let yourself dream.

Now it is true that a dream with no plan to achieve it can cause a lot of trouble and stress. It causes frustration and a real lack of spark for the things you are doing otherwise. So once you have your vision and dream of what you want, take it to the next level. Spend time seriously working out how people achieve these things. Someone has done it before, someone is living your dream life. How did they do it? How can you do it?

It is incredible what this thinking and planning can do for stress. It will fill you with passion and enthusiasm. Knowing that there is a plan to get where you want to be is a powerful, powerful tool. What it does is give you hope. Hope of something special. This hope will be a great  weapon for stress management. But this initial hope won’t last if you don’t feed it. You need to feed it with possibility. By continuing your research. Getting specific about your plan. Adding to it making it more possible to achieve.

For most people the main issue about stress management in their lives is work and relationships. Unfulfilled at work or unfulfilled at home or both. Its time to believe in your self and be the solution. If your work is filling your life with stress because its not what you want to do and you can think and plan for something else. Then get up and go for it. Life is too short.

Yes there are consequences to making changes, yes there is danger. Yes there is fear of the unknown. And what if it doesn’t work? But what if it does?

What if it works? What would your life be like if your plan worked? Not only that. What would it be like getting up each day to work on that great plan? To work at being the person you always wanted to be. To have a chance of success.

So often we settle for a low level of security without the chance of success. It is very hard to keep passion and enthusiasm in your life with no chance of success. Especially if you have a bigger plan.

Just that chance of success, that chance of something great will do a lot about stress management in your life.

Bring enthusiasm and passion back into your life. It will blow unnecessary stress out of your life and fill you with purpose again. Be specific about what you want. Be specific about the plans to get it. It could be within the job you are already doing or it might cause you to make a big change. Whatever it is get creative about stress management today.

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