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Bad Attitude
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Do you ever get a bad attitude about things in life? It leads to downfall and there are no two ways about this, people with a bad attitude suffer in their lives and fail to taste success. It is when you always think that there is something seriously wrong with others and never with you, it includes taking other people for granted.

Showing a lack of respect for peers, elders, teachers and parents are other examples. They deserve to be respected and there is no reason why they should be disrespected. Another example is when a person concludes that a doable task is impossible and gives up on it even before starting.

People with a bad attitude rarely make good friends, they find rejection almost everywhere and their attitude leads to their downfall. They fail to obey their teachers and also show a complete lack of respect towards them. Such people trouble their parents a lot, they also disrespect their parents and create a plethora of problems for the parents to deal with.

Impossible itself says I am possible, people with a bad attitude give up positive thinking and this leads to their downfall. Being optimistic does not cost money, it is a great way of living but people with a bad attitude become pessimistic in life very early on. It is easy to change the attitude of a person if they are willing to take up the issue.

The most important step is to recognize the problem, no problem can be solved without it being recognized. It is extremely important for a person to come to terms with it and work upon it extensively before it harms them even more. Committing to a goal is the next step, this involves setting a realistic goal and working towards achieving it day in, day out. This could be tough initially but it becomes a whole lot easier once a person gets into the groove.

Being patient is the next important step, a person with a bad attitude could change but it is very important for them to be patient and to get down to the root of the problem. The society has become a hostile place to live in, people face several difficulties. They are unaccepted and often hated which leaves them feeling lonely and this is why they become rebellious but all this can be changed.

Learning how to change is the key and it requires a lot of time and patience, the latter is very important. Pessimism never won any battle so it is always better to be optimistic in life and to make the most of it.

We only live once and it is completely worthless to have a bad attitude in life because it does more bad than good and this is a proven fact.

People with a good attitude are flexible and they do not find faults in others' and flexible people often are the most successful people, they get their job done with ease because of their attitude and thinking.

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Sherry B.  

Very good points here, Chris! People with a bad attitude just make their own lives much worse than it would be if they had a better attitude. I see this a lot at my day job, people griping and complaining about having to do something like it's the end of the world! If they'd just go and do whatever it is and quit complaining about it, they would've been done and over with it. Some people don't realize that having a positive attitude about things actually makes everything go so much better. Usually people are friendlier and treat you nicer if you're not seen as someone with a bad attitude.

  about 9 years ago
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