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Being In Bad Spirits Can Be Conquered
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Have you ever felt sometimes that no matter how cheerful your companions or surroundings are, you can't be lifted out of your bad spirits? In fact, their happiness might even be all the more irritating. More mysteriously yet, there may not be a reason at all for you to feel down or easily angered. Being in such bad spirits may end up making things even more unpleasant for you and the people around you.

In such highly-charged emotional situations, you may end up saying or doing things you could greatly regret later. It is therefore important that you learn to identify if you are emotionally unstable, what is causing you to be in bad spirits, and take measures to either remove or control your mood.

While it may not seem like it, many rapid or persistent changes in mood can usually be traced to two things -1) a build-up of stress 2) a trigger event. The latter might even be unrelated to the deeper underlying issue, but as long as the cause for stress is not relieved, emotional blowups will continue to happen. Vindictiveness, cruelty, depression, fear, anxiety, etc. can be a response to a personal problem.

More dangerously, as the stress levels continue, it may feel 'normalized', and such behavior can turn into a bad habit. Being in bad spirits may feed back into itself, it may no longer feel 'right' to be without the cloud of bad mood. If you seek to become a more pleasant person, understand the bad spirits of others, or just want to relieve the painful tension of a mysteriously persistent moodiness, then you will first need to take stock of yourself and what's around you.

Bad spirits can be caused by a bad environment. You may have heard of 'haunted houses' before and, pun intended, your spirit and emotional health is also greatly influenced by your surroundings. How comfortable you are with your home, workplace, or place of leisure can either add stress or relieve worries. A clean, ordered place with everything you need always within easy reach, is a surprisingly quick solution to many daily stress-related issues.

As people, we are influenced deeply by our beliefs, memories, and desires. Just as someone in good spirits feel happy, confident, and optimistic, someone in bad spirits often feels angry, anxious, and pessimistic. Just as before, a constant mood may itself normalize - do habits that lead you to feel happy and fulfilled, and you may soon find bad spirits may no longer touch you.

In an argument, instead of escalating further to 'win' try stepping back to disengage your emotional engine and restart your logic engine. If necessary, remove yourself from the source of stress until you can get your feelings back in control. When two people refuse to give way, their bad spirits can only continued to build up on each other. Of course, sometimes bad spirits may be caused by a psychological or health issue. Always consult a professional before attempting any drastic changes in your health regimen or lifestyle.

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