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Here's To Your Every Day!
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Here\'s to Your Every Day!

Every day we should have joy!

Every day we should have peace!

Every day we should build relationships!

Every day we should share love!

Every day we should give ourselves away!

Every day we should sweat!

Every day we should take a risk!

Every day we should fill our bodies and souls up!

These are the things that make us healthy, these are the things that make us want to love and give ourselves away and take risks and find love and live and joy!

I realize this is quite the to-do list, but there are so many ways that can be quick and easy to find all of these things. Joy may be in a walk, or hugging your dog or your children. Joy may be a piece of dark chocolate (my favorite) or a glass of wine.

Peace may be one deep breath to your core every hour or an entire hour of yoga, or 30 minutes to sit and watch your favorite show, or peace for you may be completing something you have been meaning to get done for the past week or year.

Building relationships should be a no brainer, hug your co worker, write a card to an old friend, text your favorite person that says’ “you are my favorite”. Kiss your husband, or clean your boyfriends apartment or leave a card on your best friends car.

Share love. Love can be as small as a card or a text or it can be as large as booking a vacation for you and your mom, or showing up at your dads place of work, looking him in the eye and telling him how much you love and appreciate him. Love knows the “love language” of the people in your life! I know that my mom want me to show her love by acts of kindness. I know my dad needs to hear how much I love and respect him. I know that my best girlfriend wants a hug and to be told how beautiful I think she is (inside and out). Show the people you love how much you love them today!

All of the above are ways to give ourselves away, but to take it a step farther, give yourself to someone who doesn’t know you today. Find the homeless vet on the corner who is hungry and take him a protein bar, or sponsor a child today, adopt a pet today, volunteer for a church today, give yourself away! Find something that you can do every day, and go give yourself away!

Our hearts, waistline, stress level, energy, bodies need us to sweat every day! Find a way to work up a sweat every day! This one can be as easy as going to bed with your hubby or wife a little early tonight and showing them how much you love them! Done and Done! Sweat and love all in one place. :)

Let’s start taking risks every day! Risks to find a future you love, risks to make more money, risks to dream, risks to break the cycle, risks to think outside the box, risks to love or risk to jump out of an airplane! Whatever a fun risk looks like to you, take one today!

Here is to your every day! Fill up your body and soul everyday by taking the time to think outside the box, take risks, give yourself away, love, dream , inspire, and god forbid, enjoy your life, everyday!

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