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Homeopathic Remedies For Anxiety
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A lot of people suffer from anxiety and try to treat it without prescription medications. People turn to homeopathic remedies to manage their stress because it is known to be safer and is non toxic. They are made naturally from plants and minerals. Some people believe it works even though it hasn't been tested as much as other methods.

The remedy is chosen by the symptoms that you are experiencing at the time. If you start to experience different symptoms, then you must use a different remedy. There are many different ones you can try to ease your anxiety. This is known to possibly fix the underlying causes and not just treat the symptoms.

Homeopathy is a form of medicine that is highly diluted to treat the person. This is used to naturally heal the person and is safe for women to take while they are pregnant. Another advantage is homeopathic remedies can be taken safely with other prescription medications and there are no known side effects from taking it. Homeopathic remedies that can be used are:

Aconite Napellus- Fear and panic are experienced. Symptoms are sudden and intense. They may think they are going to die and it may also be used for post traumatic events.

Argentum Nitricum- This is used for people who dwell on their anxiety. They feel hurried and also crave sweets. Food containing sugars can cause gastric upset such as diarrhea and gas. They also experience "what if" thoughts.

Arsenicum Album- Anxiety is experienced about the future, money, health and safety. They become perfectionists and feel better around other people and become neat freaks and want everything tidy.

Calcarea Carbonica- Fear of change or losing control is experienced. They get tired easily and sweat at night, fear the dark, spiders, insects or dogs. They also do not like to see or hear unpleasant things.

Gelsemium Sempervirens- Anxiety concerning performance may occur such as their knees may lock or shake and their hands may tremble. They may also feel paralyzed by their anxiety.

Kali Arsenicosum- They worry about their health such as having a heart attack and experience more anxiety at night.

Kali phosphoricum- Some become overwhelmed, easily stressed or frightened. They experience physical ailments from excessive worry and fear something bad is going to happen.

Lycopodium Clavatum- These people experience stage fright. They lack self confidence and they experience a craving for sweets.

Phosphorus- Fear of being alone is experienced. They are sociable and friendly, fear the dark and are afraid of thunderstorms. They are also sensitive to sounds and odors.

In conclusion, people can use homeopathic remedies to treat their anxiety. Many use these remedies because they can get them without a prescription and are known to be safer.

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