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How I Start My Day
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How do you start your day? Do you perhaps go running at sunrise and then have breakfast while reading the newspaper? If you begin your day this way, you are informed, energized, and nourished. You can then go off to work or school, informed and ready to talk about whatever comes up. Whatever activities begin your day, they are part of your daily routine, and they make your day turn out right.

My day begins with a hot shower, coffee, breakfast, and music. It is never too early for music, especially songs I love, like "Edge of Glory", "Madness", "Daylight", and "Try". There are some things, however, that are definitely easier to take later in the day.

One thing that I prefer later in the day is sweets. Like many people, I, too, have a sweet tooth. I love chocolate and other sweet foods. First thing in the morning, however, sweets would likely make me feel sick to my stomach. For this reason, when I am having cereal for breakfast, I choose one that is relatively healthy, rather than one that is high in sugar. I can then begin my work. I can write articles that I hope my readers will love. In addition to sweets, there are other things that I prefer to encounter later in the day, rather than in the morning.

A second thing I do not care to face first thing in the morning is a call from one of my lenders, who would be calling to ask if I wanted to make a payment on my student loans. Truth be told, I would rather not deal with lenders at any time of day. I understand that they do not mean to bother me; they are only doing their job. If they bother me first thing in the morning, however, I would be tempted to get ugly with them. Rather than getting ugly, however, I am nice. I realize that being nice is much better than getting ugly--nice is a much better way to do business, and I would want to be treated nicely, rather than rudely. I explain that I cannot possibly make a payment, and I arrange to delay my payments until later.

Later in the day, however, I am prepared. I can deal with any unexpected and unpleasant situations I run into. Then I can get on with what I want to do: write, publish, earn money, and dream of a bright future.

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I love sweets 24/7, lol. Good article Hollie!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks for reading! :)

  about 9 years ago
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