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How To Overcome Anxiety
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How to Overcome Anxiety

It is not uncommon for everyone to deal with anxiety at some point. A great many people can sympathize with those who are feeling stressed about taking part in a new job, undergoing an interview, seeing a doctor, or having to take an exam. A person might be concerned about looking foolish, being unsuccessful, or just having to deal with being uncomfortable. When such sensations become a bit overwhelming, all manner of anxious and disturbing feelings could manifest. Thankfully, your anxieties can disappear if this goes well.

Short term anxious reactions actually do have their use. When you are nervous prior to an exam, such nervous energy could help you become more alert. Your performance could even be improved as a result. Yet, if these feelings of anxiety start to become overwhelming, you probably would lose your ability to perform well and your concentration would suffer as a result. Coping with anxiety may become a lot easier once you have a better understanding of it. In truth, the more you understand anxiety then the closer you become towards dealing with it in an effective manner.

When you are exposed to a stressful situation, an anxiety attack may occur which means all sorts of chemicals can flood the bloodstream. When this occurs:

Your heart will begin to beat very fast and you will feel a sense of irregularity when it beats.

Your legs may become limp and there could be tightness in the chest.

Rapid and shallow breath becomes the norm.

You mind becomes alert and your muscles are tense.

Stomach distress and light-headedness becomes likely.

You may even rush to the bathroom

All of this can be considered a major reaction to a threat. You will find yourself in a fight or flight scenario. Whatever you eventually decide to do at such an instance will be up to you.

In the instance where anxiety and fear linger without any seeming end in sight and begin to cause serious problems with day to day events, this could be reflective of an anxiety disorder. There are five different forms anxiety takes. There would be GAD which is General Anxiety Disorder, OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, phobias or panic disorders.

Daily Anxiety

• Having a hard time sleeping, feeling sadness or anxiety right after a traumatic event.

• Taking the steps to ensure you reside in a safe and hazard free environment and stay healthy.

• Being mindful of any serious fear of a dangerous event, place or object.

• Experiencing nerves or ‘butterflies in the stomach’ prior to a major event along the lines of a live performance, business presentation or final exam.

• Self-consciousness or embarrassment in a social situation which might prove to be a little awkward.

• Suffering from anxiety related to romantic breakups, a job search, or covering debts.

Disorders of Anxiety

The experiencing of recurring flashback, nightmares, and emotional numbing due to a connection to a traumatic event that happened in the past.

Taking part in repeated excessive actions along the lines of constant checking, cleaning, or arranging and touching things.

Avoiding situations or places or objects due to an irrational fear when no danger is present.

Avoiding social situations due to fear of embarrassment or judgment from others.

Perpetual worry to the point your day to day life activities are upended.

There are quite a number of things which can be done to lower your anxiety levels to something that is more manageable. You might discover merely thinking about anxiety can lead to it becoming worse. The very first step to take would be to break the cycle of insecurity through directly facing your anxieties and thinking about how it really makes you feel. The minute you begin to take control of the situation, you will discover your life begins to feel much better.

You might have the ability to control your symptoms via relaxing and breathing techniques and also through slowing and improving your thoughts so they decrease negativity and present positive ones instead.

Complementary therapy can help boost your ability to sleep better and remain relaxed. Reflexology, massage, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, yoga, and meditation can all be a great help. You might discover that exercise can be extremely beneficial as well since it can burn up excess hormones along the lines of adrenaline which can be produced in very stressful situations and this then allows your muscles the ability to relax. Getting a great deal of sleep and having a healthier diet can be a real plus when trying to cope with anxiety.

Something as seemingly unrelated as learning self-defence could prove helpful in terms of how it makes someone feel safe and secure. Discussing your problems with family members could prove to be a wise plan as this can help you let go of what may be on your mind. You may discover those close to you have suffered from similar problems and may be able to help you with your anxieties.

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