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People have busy lives. They go to work and earn a paycheck to pay their bills. Students go to school and try to get good grades so that they can prepare for their future. Everyone is busy with work of some kind. With so much work, it is important to make time for fun.

Fun is important because it helps you to have a balanced life. You can go to work or school, come home after your day, and have fun. What you consider fun might depend on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert.

Introverts like to spend time alone. When they do get together with others, they often prefer to meet with just one or two other people, rather than a large group. An introvert's idea of fun might be to stay home and spend the evening reading or watching sitcoms.

Extroverts, on the other hand, like spending time with others. They also like to go out. An extrovert's idea of fun might be to go out to a dance club. Regardless of what you consider fun, it is important to make time every day for things that you enjoy. What can happen if you never make time for enjoyment?

One thing that might happen is that you might experience a lack of creativity. If you spend every day at home with your time devoted to your work, never go out, and never get to see what is going on and what others are doing, you might not know how to approach the projects that you are faced with. If you briefly step away from your work and go have some fun, on the other hand, you will come back to your projects with fresh ideas.

Another thing that is likely to happen if you never have fun is that you will become stressed out. Little incidents, such as accidentally dropping your spoon on the floor at breakfast, may set you off and make you very angry. If you regularly have fun, on the other hand, dropping your spoon on the floor is no big deal. You simply pick up the spoon, get up, put it in the sink, and get a clean one.

Finally, if you never have fun, you might become boring. If you are boring, people will not want to spend time with you. If you are a joy to be around, on the other hand, others will be eager go invite you to go places with them. They will also want to help you when you need help, such as when you need a letter of recommendation for a job. Be fun, and have fun. That way, you will be able to enjoy life.

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