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Midlife Crisis For Dummies – Tips And Tricks
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Midlife Crisis for Dummies – Tips And Tricks

No, I’m not talking to you…or am I? Here are just a few tips, tricks, and pointers for midlife crisis for dummies should you be contemplating having one but need some help. This list is not exhaustive and these ideas should allow for your successful acquisition of a new toy.


You must be in your midlife! Let’s use year 1 and year 80 as our range; meaning, then, that midlife would be at the age of 40. Because some of us grow up at different rates and mature later (men) let’s take the liberty of extending that to the age of 50.

So midlife covers the ages from 40 to 50…now you know if you need to read these tips and tricks. If so, carry on reading; if not, read anyways if your time is still coming or if you've survived midlife already. Either way, pretend to sympathize with those in the throes of “midlifery”.

Red Sports Cars Not Required

Typically considered the premier telltale sign of a midlife crisis, the fiery red sports car with a convertible top cruising down the highway at 100 plus miles an hour is no longer the only toy being sought after. Oh no, those in a midlife crisis have learned to be a little more secret about it.

Now it might be an exotic trip, a change in careers, or even a few more dogs around the house to help ease those high crisis moments. Although the vet bills and clean-up are not much fun and often results in even further and higher stress. Maybe the bright red sports car is still cool after all.

Get The Support of Your Spouse

Bemoan your fate often and loudly but don’t be a whiner because whiners never win, remember. Choose your sympathy times and tricks carefully and even build the rewards a bit with some off-hand comments and sighs.

For instance, if you need to purchase the latest bright shiny object and just know that in your heart of hearts this will lift you out of the doldrums, make comments about how reasonable the prices have become and how many uses it would have. Even go so far as to point out the value that these things will bring to your spouse should they (she) ever need to “borrow it”.

Show caution on this point as after a while it becomes obvious to everyone that your midlife crisis is actually a midlife shopping trip for all the things you've never had. Toys are cool but be focused on the one(s) you really must have to “survive”.

My Friends Have One

Checking out what the neighbors or friends have and then attributing your “need to have” to your midlife crisis is a great way to prove such a crisis exists. It’s useful to take one, or all, of those dogs for a walk on a Sunday afternoon so you can check out what’s in everyone’s garage. This is a great way to brainstorm your midlife crisis list. In the alternative you can peruse old Christmas and Birthday lists that were never fulfilled.

Narrow down your choices to the top 1 or 2 because you might only get one crack at a new toy. What good is it to have a midlife crisis and not get what you really “need”?

Research Your Niche

Whether you flip through a magazine or surf the internet, make sure you truly understand what it means to have a midlife crisis, what the consequences are, and what the rewards are. It’s difficult to know sometimes if the crisis is just a passing anxious moment or if it’s truly a miserable period we’re entering into.

Know what you’re getting yourself into and know that you can get out of it. Sometimes things become a lot more serious than we thought they would and it is actually important to know what resources are available to you and where you can turn to for help. There is a potential effect on others if you don’t understand what is happening and it is very important to know this age group, whether you are in it or not, so you know what they're actually going through.

But the bright red sports car should help!

Thanks for reading.

Street Talk

They way I see it, the way through a mid-life crisis is to just keep on living the way you enjoy to. But what do I know, not quite there myself...

  about 9 years ago

That's still good advice. And one I'm trying to bring forward from my younger days. Thanks for reading.

  about 9 years ago
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