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Panic Attack Substance Abuse
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There are a few books on the market that deal with panic attacks and substance abuse. Many people turn to alcohol or other substances to numb the feelings of anxiety. The attack begins, when the effect of the substance suddenly wears off.

In my studies, it is no surprise the Stress, Anxiety, and Depression go hand in hand with substance abuse. The daily grind of life will gradually wear a person down to a point, where they start self medicating.

Some panic attack sufferers will consume alcohol before going to a social engagement, or even before going to the shopping mall - just to keep their anxiety at bay.

Most people see immediate results from consuming a few drinks at the onset of anxiety, however the long-term chemical reaction of alcohol and the brain can be catastrophic. Even recreational drugs, tobacco, and coffee can cause people to experience panic attacks that are more frequent, and severe.

Serotonin is a natural drug made by your brain and distributed through your central nervous system. When other chemicals are introduced in your system, it disrupts the flow of this critical chemical that keeps you mentally balanced. As a result, the slightest uncertainty in your life evolves into a full-fledged panic attack, where you lose emotional control.

Another element of the panic attack puzzle can be aggravated by the loss of sleep. In today's busy world, where we never run out of different hats to wear, we are working more than ever at the expense of sleep. This is robbing our nocturnal chemistry that recharges the Serotonin in our system.

The alcohol we consume, may make us feel drowsy, but prevents us from entering the deepest stage of sleep where healing, and cellular regeneration takes place. Even if you sleep for eight hours, you liver is processing and discarding the alcohol, not rebuilding your body chemistry. Over time this continual process will cause panic attacks, and other emotional problems.

By eliminating drugs, alcohol, tobacco, in your life you will pave the way to adding peace an comfort back into your life. For many, this will not be an easy task. It requires dedication on your part to change the ways of your past. Willpower is everything.

When a person is put on prescription drugs to combat panic attacks, we also need to be concerned for the long-term implications of taking that medication. Since we are introducing a chemical into the body that is does not naturally produce we run the risk of creating other problems, like weight gain and water retention.

There are many all natural self-help systems for panic disorders on the market now. Learn to empower your life and treat this condition on your own.

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